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Guixun Xu - Artist with Integrity, Innovation, and the Heart of a Child

Last year, artist Guixun Xu introduced his "Inkstone Cultivation - 2020 New Painting and Calligraphy Selection". Guixun Xu is a Chinese calligrapher and ink painting artist and this new collection contains over 120 works of both calligraphy and ink paintings. All of the artwork was created by Xu in the year 2020, an extraordinary year. Xu said that one winter afternoon, he walked into his Guixun Xu Painting and Calligraphy Art Studio in Suzhou City, China, and became inspired to create the new collection. His desk and surroundings became covered in art materials and the fragrance of ink filled the room. Xu said that as he worked, he became pleased with his new creations for this collection, "This can be regarded as a special harvest in 2020!"

When asked what it was like creating a collection during this difficult year, Xu said that frankly the past year in 2020 was not so easy. The pandemic brought normal life and order to a halt, but at the same time, it also allowed people to think more about their lives. "These works are not only records, but also a kind of self-motivation," Xu said, "under the pandemic, the mobilization of the whole people, and art workers cannot be ignored." As an art worker, although you cannot go to the front line of the fight against the pandemic like medical staff, you can still use the way of art to condense the immortal spiritual power for the fight against the pandemic through creation. During that time, I stayed at home every day, doing a lot of creation and artwork. Some works felt inspiring to create, others unsatisfactory, so I repeated until I was satisfied.

After hearing about medical supply shortages, Xu wanted to donate the urgently needed medical gloves and masks to hospitals. But he ran across problems as to buy the materials and how to transport them. Xu contacted manufacturers in Suzhou to purchase medical supplies, and when the other party responded that they could not produce the corresponding amount of supplies in a short time, he contacted other manufacturers in other cities in the province. Through repeated communication and communication, Xu solved the material and transportation problems. Xu said that in the end, 50 barrels of disinfectant, 50 barrels of alcohol, and 10,000 pairs of medical gloves arrived at their destination smoothly.

Xu Guixun gave more than 380 calligraphy works of his own meticulous creation to the Suzhou Rescue Medical Team and the doctors on the front line of fighting the pandemic in Suzhou through the Suzhou Volunteer Association. In face, since 2006, Xu has embarked on the road of charity to help others and in that year, provided 120,000 teaching aids to the school in Jinsha, Guizhou. After that, people familiar with Xu knew that he was a enthusiastic and generous person. Since then he has donated to the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, the Yushu earthquake in 2010, and the Yancheng tornado in 2018, and every major disaster in China.

"All these experiences are the source of inspiration for my artistic creation!" Xu said. "Living in this great era, as an artist, we have the responsibility and obligation to contribute our strength to the bright future of this country. You must have a heart of innocence, and artists must have the heart a child."

"The art of calligraphy and painting should serve the people. Be kind to others, be respectful and considerate, and persuade others to be kind." On the wall Xu's painting and calligraphy studio, a small calligraphy work "Remembering Kindness" highly reflects his philosophy of being an artist.

The art of calligraphy and painting must serve the people!

Xu believes that painting and calligraphy are works of art conveying truth, goodness and beauty, and conveying upward socialist core values ​​are an important form for art workers to serve and inherit a wide range of traditional culture. He donates calligraphy and painting works to help inherit and popularize the art of calligraphy and painting.

Xu Guixun studied with Professor Chen Dayu in his early years, and then studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, under the tutelage of Professor Wang Yong. His paintings are very few, but his deep thinking and compassion are reflected in them. He took the painting "Pan Er Gui" as an example. In daily life, there are too many such scenes, especially in today's rapid urbanization. The back of the rural left-behind elderly often jumps into his mind. The combination of the real existence of art and the imagination of art space is an excellent alternative to art. "

Art creation must serve the public, and it is the responsibility and mission of contemporary art workers to maintain integrity and innovation. Xu said that the art of calligraphy and painting is the quintessence of the country and the core of Chinese culture, "This art is endless!"



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