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"Dog World" - A Poem

Author: Joey Zhou Genre: Magic Realism

Music: YouTube Link -

Pack light, T-shirt, black hat, jeans and sneakers, Is there my soul between heaven and earth? There is no wind on the earth, no clouds in the sky, I hesitated at the door, and looked back, the black Tuxedo was lying quietly on the ground, resting and stopping everything splendidly. Only the little dog "Helen" stared at me dumbly, making me full of vitality again. A pair of blue eyes, asymmetrical hair, beautiful fur, and a tail falling to the left. I remember that I was drawing a sketch today of a goddess over 30 years ago, her name is "Helen" "Still in the room of my hometown thousands of miles away..." I remember that today, more than 20 years ago, I was writing a prose poem with the subject also called "Helen" "Helen's singing can put passing ships into danger, because the crew is obsessed with her singing..." I remember eight years ago today I was writing a poem. There was a love in the poem, and the heroine’s name was "Helen" "Personal affection is like hunger, the hair is terrifying, and lonely in the cold wind. How many times have I wanted to show compassion, embrace fear, and separate pain like a bloody bite." Oh, Original, Helen Soul is a puppy, Original, The cute border between licks and kisses is blurred, Original, The soul flies away, It turned out that Helen's singing sounded again between heaven and earth, Ahhhhh...!



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