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“Crying Spring” - A Poem

Author: Joey Zhou Music: Note": On August 2014, Zhou listened to the song "See you again" and was inspired to write the poem.

Spring weeps, her tears fall like rain A coastal winter, waves without refrain Four seasons of the sea, in distance night stars glow My hometown's riverside, small bridges and waters flow Can we pretend that friends return again? To give a smiley face, even if just in the dream So I can sing "see you again “ in the fork of the road And greet a false spring, even if it is bestowed. Memories linger without a funeral rite In the “Departures” movie, I wake up with a fright Still crying for you, the scene replays every night I pretend, saying the movie is sad, alright Spring weeps and wails, with sorrow-filled cries Echoing in the night, under the starry skies How many times must we wake up with a sigh? Still heartbroken for you, everyone wonders why I pretend, saying the song is sad

Cry, oh crying spring, your tears won't cease Our hearts plead, begging for some peace A piercing cry of pain that never will cease As we remember, a loss that won't release.

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