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"Cheering for the Olympics 2022" - Jiannan Huang Travels to Inspire Students

Jiannan Huang

In June 2020, the Organizing Committee for the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022, officially launched the "Courage for the Olympics, Everlasting Love Action - A Journey of Beauty”. In preparation, the organizing committee for "Cheers for the Olympics" has planned a number of events for youth involving sports and cultural activities on campuses throughout the country. "Cheering for the Olympics" is a cultural and sports project approved and sponsored by the International Olympic Committee. It aims to combine Chinese culture with the Olympic spirit. The organizing committee hopes that through these activities, young people will learn more about the culture of the Olympics, experience the Olympic spirit, and jointly contribute to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

The first stop on the ""Courage for the Olympics, Everlasting Love Action - A Journey of Beauty” campus tour was the Nanxingqu Primary School in the Economic Development Zone of Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. The well-known artist Jiannan Huang attended the event and organized a "Dream Drawing Action" for students. The main purpose of "Dream Drawing Action" is to cultivate the student's ability to recognize and create beauty through the arts - calligraphy, painting, and other methods under the Olympic theme. This event was followed by other stops including the campus of a school at Ordos station and the Hebei Academy of Art.

Jiannan Huang did a presentation of artistic calligraphy at the "Dream Drawing Action" event held at the school at Ordos Station

Jiannan Huang is one of the leading artists in the world and has been awarded as one of the top ten influential figures in the national charity for two consecutive years in 2019 and 2020. He has been employed as a part-time researcher at the Shenzhen Graduate School of Tsinghua University for two consecutive periods.

In addition, Huang Jiannan is also a director of the Chinese Traditional Culture Promotion Association, the Overseas Art Advisor for the "Cheering for the Olympics" organizing committee, a member of the French National Artists Committee, an art consultant of the World Low-Carbon City Alliance, an honorary citizen of the Gold Medal of Guine, France, and Knight of the Royal Sacred Order of Constantine, Italy. In 2020, Jiannan Huang was invited to serve as a senior advisor for the American "The Beverly Arts", and is the first blue-chip Chinese artist established by the "Los Angeles Beverly (LABA) Art Festival".

Jiannan Huang painting

Jiannan Huang is a master at both Chinese painting and oil painting. His painting styles are creative and diverse, ranging from realism to freehand brushwork, from expressionism to abstraction, and his own innovative techniques. Many of his art paintings are a combination of Chinese and Western styles, and his travels and life experiences. From the "intrinsic self" to "universal" painting themes, he paints a wide range of traditional and contemporary subjects.

Jiannan Huang delivered a speech at the Shanghai Sports Institute of Physical Education

At the Hebei Academy of Art and the Shanghai Institute of Physical Education, Jiannan Huang gave a speech to the students to inspire them to learn more about the Olympics. Huang has actively supported all of the "Cheering for the Olympics" events, given presentations, and organized Olympic-themed calligraphy and painting exhibitions for students at his "Dream Drawing Action" events.

Jiannan Huang exchanged calligraphy with students at Hebei Academy of Art

Jiannan Huang presented to the Hebei Academy of Art one of his calligraphy artworks with the school motto, "Be Confident, be Self-Reliant, and Dare to Be the First". He interacted with the students at the event and created a number of Olympic-themed calligraphy artworks, showing them the artistic form of Chinese calligraphy.

Jiannan Huang splashed ink at Shanghai Sport University to show artistic calligraphy

During the event, Jiannan Huang said, "Shijiazhuang is the place where I joined the "Cheers for the Olympics" project. The city series of "Cheers for the Olympics" at the Olympic Art Exposition was opened on the day of the opening ceremony of Shijiazhuang. I officially became the Overseas Art Advisor for "Cheers for the Olympics". In two years, I have learned more about the Olympics and sports, and the Olympic movement has brought a lot of creative inspiration to my work. I feel that sports are closely related to each of us."

Exhibition of Olympic-themed art works by students of Hebei Academy of Fine Arts

Jiannan Huang, who has long been keen on public welfare undertakings, believes that young people should not only learn cultural knowledge, but also strengthen physical exercise. Only with a strong physique can we live and study better. He expressed the hope that young people can thrive in a healthy environment and carry forward their traditions and culture to the next generation.

Jiannan Huang attending the Olympic-themed event of Shanghai Institute of Sport


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