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Bobby Ruiz and Dr. G. James Daichendt Collaborate on Exhibition

California Dreamer (2022) by Morgan Deeble

ESCONDIDO, CA – (April 12, 2022) – California Center for the Arts, Escondido (CCAE) announced today an exciting collaboration with CEO and co-founder of Tribal Streetwear Bobby Ruiz and Professor of Art History at Point Loma Nazarene University Dr. G. James Daichendt for CCAE Museum’s summer exhibition STREET LEGACY: SOCAL STYLE MASTERS, on view from June 25 – August 28, 2022. Street Legacy: SoCal Style Masters is generously sponsored by Carol and Lawrence Garner, ENA Art Group, and Theory R Properties. Bobby Ruiz and Dr. G. James Daichendt are both winners of the Los Angeles Beverly Arts (LABA) Icon Award.

The exhibition Street Legacy: SoCal Style Masters features close to 100 artists representing the diverse cultural landscape of Southern California. Aspects of graffiti, street art, skateboarding, surfing, tattoos, hip hop, breaking, punk, lowriders, and custom culture will all be explored through a range of media as they work to build an experience that represents what it means to be an artist that is inspired by the streets of Southern California. Co-curated by Bobby Ruiz and Dr. G. James Daichendt, a leading academic in the field of street culture, their combined efforts are represented in the exhibition and a forthcoming academic text investigating the cultural connections between these sub-cultures and streetwear.

"Having grown up in Southern California, I became fascinated and involved in so many aspects of its rich culture. While skateboarding in my pre-teens around San Diego, I discovered Lowriders and graffiti, and became absorbed with the artistic elements and styles of dress around these movements. Later, I found myself not only an ingredient of this melting pot, but sharing it with the world via photography, video, art and my brand Tribal Streetwear. This exhibition is a celebration of these multi-dimensional Californian cultural movements, says Bobby Ruiz.

Dr. G. James Daichendt notes, "Street Legacy is an opportunity to explore street culture and the multitude of subcultures that are brought together through Tribal Streetwear and their ability to attract so many different types of creatives. As an academic, I am interested in demonstrating how Tribal is much more than a brand, rather it's a lifestyle that will be brought to life through a variety of performances, art works, and experiences on the CCEA campus."

"I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Jim and Bobby as the co-curators on Street Legacy. They brought this group of talented artists together for an in-depth look at the variety of techniques and viewpoints which encompass the southern California culture vibe that is well-known and respected worldwide." – Beth Marino, director of museum and visual arts.

The exhibition will feature new work by each artist specifically created for the museum, including 14 temporary mural installations inside the galleries. From pinstriping and tattoo drawings to aerosol cans and wheat-pastes, the ingenuity and creative use of materials will showcase how these masters of the streets have made a name for themselves and pushed this new form of contemporary art making forward to be considered one of the most important art movements since Pop Art.

An important aspect of art created and inspired in the street is that it meets us where we live and work. We know it is art the moment we see it, even if it’s not inside a gallery or placed on a pedestal. Street Legacy aims to showcase how this work complements one another and why it’s relevant in our daily lives.

Each artist in the exhibit is directly connected to Tribal through the sub-cultures represented or they have partnered with Tribal in the past. While Tribal Streetwear is a brand, it also is representative of the variety of lifestyles and activities that includes aspects of the before mentioned subcultures. Much like the T-star logo that is made up of several small “t’s” that form a star in the negative space, the subcultures that inform and reflect Tribal’s ethos and philosophy come from many different corners of Southern California, yet they find a home in Tribal’s aesthetic, the people associated with the company, and the shared experiences of street culture. 

About Tribal Streetwear: Tribal Streetwear is lifestyle streetwear brand that is inspired by a variety of southern California sub-cultures that includes graffiti, street art, skateboarding, surfing, tattoos, hip hop, breakdancing, punk, lowriders, and custom culture. Based in San Diego, CA, Tribal has strong Chicano roots in its aesthetic and, since its inception in 1989, the impact of their designs spans the globe with retails stores on several continents.

About Bobby Ruiz

Bobby Ruiz, CEO of Tribal Streetwear, Inc., developed an early interest in Southern California lifestyle and culture. This eventually transpired into a degree in Mexican American studies and an international streetwear brand. Through Tribal Streetwear, Inc., he has worked with hundreds of creatives, including several multi-platinum recording artists. He has curated and co-curated art shows in San Diego, Tokyo, New York, Melbourne Australia and Los Angeles. Instagram: @bobbytribal

About G. James Daichendt

G. James Daichendt is art critic, curator, and art historian that writes for audiences inside and outside higher education. He is author of seven books including: Robbie Conal: Streetwise: 35 Years of Politically Charged Guerrilla Art (2020); The Urban Canvas: Street Art Around the World (2017); Kenny Scharf: In Absence of Myth (2016); Shepard Fairey Inc: Artist/Professional/Vandal (2014); Stay Up! Los Angeles Street Art (2012); Artist Scholar: Reflections on Writing and Research (2011); and Artist-Teacher: A Philosophy for Creating and Teaching (2010). Instagram: @jimdaichendt

California Center for the Arts, Escondido Museum, a member of MAGEC: Museum & Arts – Growing Escondido Arts, is participating in Second Saturdays. On July 9 and August 13, Museum admission will be discounted 50%.

Participating Artists: Albert De Alba, Alex Garcia, Ames, Anti, Antonio Mejia, Antonio Pelayo, Armando Flores, Big Checho, Big Sleeps, Big Tiny, Billie the Kid, Brgr Face, Brisk, Brown, Carlo Miranda, Carlos Torres, Carly Ealey, Channon Fulton, Chaz Bojorquez, Chikle, Chimu, Chris Konecki, Chuey Quintanar, Chuy Espinosa, Collette Miller, Cory SaintClair, Craig Stecyk, Cryptik, Dakota Gomez, Dane Souder, David Flores, David Porras, Dream On, Dyse One, Emily Klinger, Eno, Eric Gonzalez, Espana Garcia, Estevan Oriol, Flaks, Fonzy, Franco Vescovi, Gane, Germ, Gustavo Rimada, Hasler, Herman Plasencia, Honkey Kong, Horacio Martinez, Huit “8,” Isaac Pelayo, Isaac Quezada, Jack Rudy, Jason Brown, Jesse Hernandez, Johnny Quintana, Joker, Jorge Rosales, Justin Bua, Kenny Scharf, Latisha Wood, Left E, Lexy Vaatete, Louie Perez lll, Lyjah Vaatete, Mando Saldana, Manuel Cisneros, Marissa Quinn, Mear One, Mercado, Mike Giant, Mike Rios, Mister Cartoon, Mister Rhythm, Mister Troshin, Morgan Deeble, Mr B Baby, OG Abel, Opie Ortiz, Persue, Pres, Vaatete Ricardo Islas, Rascal, Risk, Robbie Conal, Rudy Ruiz, Sal Elias, Shepard Fairey, Slick, Steve Soto, Teen Angel, Tim Hendricks, Tone Chingon, Tristan Eaton, Vanessa Torres, Victor Cordero, Vyal, Yely, Zane

Tickets for the exhibition are $6 for Seniors and Students with valid ID and $12 for Adults. Active Military and children 17 years and younger are free. Tickets are available for purchase at, by calling (800) 988-4253 or in person at the Museum. 

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