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Bowers Museum Holiday Gala Featuring "Guo Pei: Art of Couture" Exhibition

Jeffrey Kung, George Sun, Zehra Sun, Crystal Kung Minkoff, Rob Minkoff, Joey Zhou, and Todd Williamson

Santa Ana, California, USA. 1st December, 2022. The Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, California, celebrated its holiday gala with the exhibition, "Guo Pei: Art of Couture." Guo Pei is an international couture designer, China's "Queen of Couture", who has been dressing celebrities, royalty, public figures, and the social elite for over 20 years. Many of her creations are magnificent, show-stopping works of art, that transcend the runway and contemporary fashion design. The intricate detailing in her work sets her apart from other designers, with some pieces taking thousands of hours to complete. A dress worn by singer Rhianna at the Met Gala in New York took two years to complete. Guo Pei has a staff of 500 artisans and locations in China and Paris, France. The exhibition opened on November 12th, and runs through May 14th, 2023.

Anne Shih, Chairwoman of the Board of Governors for the Bowers Museum, and Lynn Liou, Master of Ceremonies

The event was hosted by the Bowers Museum with Master of Ceremonies Lynn Liou, (former founder, publisher, editor-in-chief of Phoenix International magazine), Chairwoman of the Board of Governors for the Bowers Museum, Anne Shih, performers Wan Yeung (the Pipa - a Chinese lute), and George Ko (pianist/composer). Some of the guests included Crystal Kung Minkoff ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills") and husband Rob Minkoff (filmmaker/director), Jeffrey Kung (singer/pop star), George and Zehra Sun (MD Sun Skincare), Joey Zhou (TV host/founder of Los Angeles Beverly Arts - LABA), Todd Williamson (contemporary artist), and many others.

Zehra and George Sun, founders of MD Sun Skincare

Joey Zhou, TV host/founder of LABA

During the cocktail reception and exhibition viewing, Todd Williamson (also a LABA Board member) and Joey Zhou, contacted LABA Blue-chip artist Jiannan Huang at his studio in Beijing, China by video conference and allowed him to enjoy some of the event and exhibition. Jiannan Huang is one of the world's finest artists, specializing in Western oil painting and Chinese ink. He is ranked third on the 2020 Hurun China Art List and 19th on the Hurun Global List with sales of $29 million. Jiannan holds several positions - Director of the Chinese Traditional Culture Promotion Association, member of the French National Artists Committee, art consultant for the World Low Carbon Cities Alliance, and France Jiny City Gold Medal Honorary Citizen. He was awarded the title of "Earl" by the Indonesian Royal Family. In 2021, he was given an honorary membership into the Royal Society of St. George (RSSG), California Branch, and received the RSSG "Master of Arts" Award and the LABA Most Influential and Most Valuable Artist Award in 2022.

LABA Blue-chip artist Jiannan Huang (video conference) and Todd Williamson

Guo Pei exhibition at Bowers Museum

Guo Pei exhibition at Bowers Museum

Zehra Sun (President of MD Sun Skincare), and Committee member at the Bowers Museum.

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