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Artist Tiejun Li is an Invited Speaker at the Milan Triennial in Italy

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Artist Tiejun Li is interviewed for Harper's Style Magazine

Tiejun Li, LABA Overseas Art Advisor, was born in Daqing, Heilongjiang Province in 1962. As a accomplished artist, he was invited to be a jury member and speaker at the Triennale Milano in Italy. There is a featured project between China and Italy called a "Sustainable Future". The "Sustainable Future" project is part of a global context in which sustainability has become an absolute priority. The artworks and design projects created as part of this competition will not only help raise public awareness of crucial issues such as climate change and resource conservation, but to influence sustainable policies and practices. The project "Sustainable Future" is much more than a simple art competition. It is an initiative that aims to create a lasting impact on new generations, stimulating deep reflections and promoting concrete actions for a more sustainable world. Through exhibitions, lectures and international collaborations, this project demonstrates how art and design can play a crucial role in shaping a better future.

In addition to the competition and exhibitions, the project includes further initiatives to consolidate Sino-Italian cultural collaboration. In 2025, Triennale Milano will present one of its exhibitions in China and will organize a series of lectures in collaboration with various Chinese universities. These events, curated by figures such as Nina Bassoli, Damiano Gullì and Marco Sammicheli, will offer food for thought and insights on the issues of sustainability and contemporary design.

Milan Triennial in Italy

The event will culminate with the international exhibition at Triennale Milano, scheduled for December 2024, which will present the 50 most relevant works selected from those exhibited in Chinese national exhibitions. Each stage of this journey will offer participants multiple opportunities for recognition and visibility, allowing artists to stand out both nationally and internationally. In addition to the competition and the exhibitions, this collaborative project involves Triennale Milano presenting one of its exhibitions in China in 2025 and organizing a series of lectures, curated by Nina Bassoli, Damiano Gullì, Marco Sammicheli, Tiejun Li and others.

Artist Tiejun Li

Artwork by Tiejun Li

Artwork by Tiejun Li

Some of Tiejun Li's artistic accomplishments include:

1982 Mr. Quan Xianguang Printmaking Studio, Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts

1990 Lived as an artist in Bolivia, South America

1994 Solo Art Exhibition at Tabingely Gallery, Bolivia

1995 Lived in Barcelona, Spain and studied at Madrid Academy of Arts, Spain

1999 Returned to China to establish Beijing Xinya Academy of Modern Art

1999 Served as Dean of Beijing Xinya Academy of Modern Art

2006 Served as Director of Huantie Times Art Museum

2009 Served as Executive Director of Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art

1996 Famous City Landscape Easel Painting Exhibition in Barcelona, ​​Spain

Participated in the Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Artists from Argentina

Participated Bolivia Foundation de BHN Painting Art Exhibition

Bolivia La Paz North Art Gallery Painting Art Exhibition

1997 Bolivia Biennial National Grand Prix

Bolivia Tpinqiyi - the gallery held a solo exhibition at the Japan Biennial

Particpated in a fund-raising exhibition of famous Latin artists at the United Nations Charity Organization

1998 Taipei Painting Biennial

1999 Swedish magazine "HETEROGENESIS" hosted the European Art Festival Image Special Jury

2000 Beijing "Zero Degree" Contemporary Art Exhibition

2002 Italy·China Contemporary Art Exhibition

Beijing "Knowledge is Power" Contemporary Art Exhibition

2002 "Knowledge is Power" Contemporary Art Exhibition

Nanjing "N-Identity" Contemporary Art Exhibition

2003 Beijing Poly Theater "Contemporary Costume Behavior" Performance Exhibition

2006 "The Name of Living" Reuters War Photo Exhibition "The Current State of the World" Contemporary Art Exhibition

"Amona Has Nothing to Do with Qin Feng" Seven-Country Tour Exhibition

Wang Fei "Relationship" Contemporary Ink Solo Exhibition

"Vision·Beijing" Interactive Network Contemporary Art Exhibition

2007 "Chinese Atmosphere" Contemporary Art Exhibition

"Context and Environment" International Contemporary Art Exhibition

"I am Yuan Guolei" Contemporary Artist Solo Exhibition

"Connection" Contemporary Art International Invitational Exhibition

"Mobile Society" Contemporary Art Exhibition

"Out of Songzhuang" Contemporary Art International Tour Exhibition

"Cocoon Project" Yefu Performance Art

"Black and White Realism" Contemporary Art Exhibition

2008 Sun Jianping "Literary Mind and Proud Bone" Oil Painting Series Exhibition

Wu Xuansan "We Are All One Family - Urban Jungle" Art Exhibition

Qin Fengzhi Bada Shanren Art Exhibition (China)

"Walking into New York" Artist Nomination Exhibition (USA)

"Peace·Friendship" Contemporary Art Exhibition

"Made in Songzhuang" Contemporary Art Exhibition

"2008 China Ink Painting Exhibition" "Ink Painting Romance" Contemporary Artist Nomination Exhibition [1]

"Fog" Li Tiejun Solo Exhibition at Harvard University, USA

2009 "Real Spring" Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art

"Tuo" Chinese Character Art Exhibition

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