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What is Poetry?

Author: Joey Zhou

(This is a logical reflection on the contrast between human non-interests and the highly developed material civilization world.)

What is poetry?

She is the oxygen of the soul,

It is the spark of your heart that bursts out after you are depressed!

What is poetry?

She is a ray of sunshine after the rain,

It is also the sunset after dusk!

"Moonlight before my bed, suspected frost on the ground

To see a world in a grain of sand,

And a heaven in a wild flower"

These classics seem to be for modern civilization, useless as air?

Try holding your breath for a few minutes

Can't stand it?

Without air, all of us will die!

There are actually a lot of useful things in this world without any benefit.

But she decides our life and death.

Such as oxygen!

Who would buy it with money?

Because oxygen is everywhere.

Before your soul dies,

Please read your favorite poems like breathing fresh air!

The soul is suddenly resurrected!

Bill Gates and Buffett never said love is useless

They said that money is not the most useful thing;

They think “Caring and Friendship"

It is the most useful thing!

Do they read poems?

Read or not read;

If I tell them this:

"Poetry is the indispensable nutrient of our spiritual creativity"

The next day, 

They will definitely read.

They are not short-sighted or short-sighted thinkers.

They are one of the few sober people.


The purpose of making money is to give the freedom to write and read poems!

When I read again:

"View of the moon in front of my bed, suspected frost on the ground." I was suddenly full of longing tears...

When I read again: "To see a world in a grain of sand, And a heaven in a wild flower"

 I have become my own king.



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