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Royal Society of St. George Honorary Member Award Ceremony for Matt Goss and Laura Angelini

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Laura Angelini, Matt Goss, and Princess Karen Cantrell

Beverly Hills, California, USA. 6th June, 2021. The Royal Society of St. George (RSSG), California Branch held an elegant champagne luncheon and honorary member ceremony for Matt Goss and Laura Angelini at the Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. The ceremony was co-hosted by the RSSG California Chairman Ratu Muda Princess Karen Cantrell and Vice Chairman Raja Muda Christopher A. Chambers.

Princess Karen Cantrell and Christopher A. Chambers

The two new honorary members are both very accomplished music artists. Mr. Matt Goss is a British singer, songwriter and musician, currently living in the United States. He was the lead singer of the popular band Bros in the 1980s, and has gone on to have a successful solo career. He has a best-selling book, "More Than You Know: Autobiography". Laura Angelini is a singer and one of the top 40 billboard recording artists in the United States. She is also a philanthropist who has her own charitable organization and works to make changes through music.

Honorary Member certificates and medals, with one medal on display

Matt Goss receives his RSSG Honorary Membership medal

Matt Goss gives his acceptance speech for Honorary Membership

Laura Angelini receives her RSSG Honorary Membership medal

Laura Angelini gives her acceptance speech for Honorary Membership

The event started with a tribute to HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (June 10, 1921 - April 9, 2021), with speeches and remembrances on his life. RSSG trustees Ahmed Fathi, Sandro Monetti, and the RSSG Advisory Board Director Dr. Craig Paterson gave passionate speeches which were followed by a toast in his honor. There was memorial book on a table with photos where the guests could write their personal messages and tributes to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Tribute to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh with photos and memorial book

Ahmed Fathi

Sandro Monetti

Dr. Craig Paterson

Champagne toast to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Mr. Jiannan Huang, who is the first Asian artist to become an honorary member of the RSSG California, sent a congratulatory video from Beijing, China. He spoke with Princess Karen Cantrell and Joey Zhou by video conference call while on the red carpet with iHeart radio host Janet Zipper.

Janet Zipper, Princess Karen Cantrell, Jiannan Huang, and Joey Zhou

Jiannan Huang

After the honorary membership ceremony, Princess Karen Cantrell announced the new members to the RSSG guests - Liviu Bana, Kevin Courseault, Jaspreet Dosanjh, and Donna Jett. Christopher A. Chambers, Deputy Chairman of the RSSG of the Royal Society, led everyone in a tribute and toast to Queen Elizabeth II.

Liviu Barna - New Member of RSSG

Kevin Courseault - New Member of RSSG

Jaspreet Dosanjh -- New Member of RSSG

Donna Jett - New Member of RSSG

Champagne toast to Queen Elizabeth II

Special champagne glasses honored Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Kevin Courseault and Princess Karen Cantrell

The Royal Society RSSG California President, Princess Karen Cantrell, gave two Royal Society members, the artist Mr. Jiannan Huang, and the well-known entrepreneur Chevalier Peter L. Eckert congratulations on a their birthdays with a "Happy Birthday".

"Happy Birthday" dessert for Chevalier Peter L. Eckert

Jaspreet Dosanjh and Dr. Craig Paterson

Joey Zhou, Ahmed Fathi, Christopher A. Chambers, Princess Karen Cantrell, Donna Jett, and Dr. Craig Paterson

Janet Zipper interviews Matt Goss for iHeart Radio

Christopher A. Chambers, Liviu Barna, Sandro Monetti, and Dr. Craig Paterson

Matt Goss, Sandro Monetti, and Ahmed Fathi

Laura Angelini, Christopher A. Chambers, and Princess Karen Cantrell

Sandro Monetti, Princess Karen Cantrell, and Joey Zhou

Sandro Monetti, Matt Goss, Laura Angelini, Dr. Craig Paterson, and Christopher A. Chambers

Liviu Barna and Princess Karen Cantrell

Matt Goss, Princess Karen Cantrell, Laura Angelini, and Joey Zhou



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