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Pink Moon Restaurant in Opens in Beverly Hills

Updated: Apr 12

Pinkmoon Restaurant in Beverly Hills opens for gourmet Chinese menu

Beverly Hills, California, USA. Pink Moon Restaurant, located at 235 North Canon Drive in Beverly Hills, is a Michelin-style gourmet restaurant that recently opened in Beverly Hills and combines Western and Chinese food. Chef Jack Hao studied under national treasure-level cooking masters Mr. Hou Ruixuan and Mr. Lu Changhai. He is one of the "Four Young Masters of Beijing" in new-style Chinese cuisine.

Jack Hao, Chef and Chinese cooking master at Pink Moon

He is a Chinese cooking master, a famous Chinese chef, a creative master, a Chinese BEST FOOD star chef, a Chinese star chef, and an international Top ten figures of the Health and Food Association, international judge of the World Chefs Federation, national evaluator, referee, senior technician, responsible for banquet design and production for the opening ceremony of the Guangzhou International Fair, senior consultant of the first Chinese-Western Catering Exchange Summit Forum, Ziyun, Beijing Executive chef and production director of Xuan, executive chef of Beijing Royal Inn, and production director of Beijing Jasmine Restaurant. Founder of Beijing Thyme House brand.

Chef Jack Hao pursues nutritious post-modern food art - "Neoclassical Chinese Cuisine." While his dishes strive to express the traditional Chinese food culture, he also boldly innovates and improves traditional "palace cuisine". The dishes are derived from traditional Chinese cooking techniques, and are cleverly combined with modern food culture and art, forming a gourmet art that integrates Chinese and Western cooking. It gives the food a soul, the delicacy has connotation, and the agility of art, forming a new modern food art. Concept - classical, modern, natural, green and healthy post-modern food fashion and food art.

Award for Chef Hao

Step into The Pink Moon, Beverly Hills' gem where tradition meets trend. Indulge in a symphony of authentic Chinese flavors, each dish a masterpiece of culinary artistry. Sip on our exclusive boba teas, a fusion of classic taste and modern flair, or elevate your evening with our handcrafted cocktails, each a blend of elegance and excitement. In our chic, pink-hued paradise, every moment is an upscale experience, where luxury dining becomes an unforgettable journey.

Plans are underway with publicist Jackie Lewis Productions to get more press and visibility for the restaurant which opened earlier this year.

Pink Moon Manager Tony Guo and publicist Jackie Lewis


Pink Moon Restaurant is located right across from the Maybourne Hotel (formerly The Montage Hotel) at 235 N. Canon Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210 Phone: (310) 880-5676 

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