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MDSUN Celebrates Artist Jiannan Huang's Collaboration with Courvoisier's 2024 Lunar New Year Collection for Year of the Dragon

Zehra Sun, CEO of MDSUN, with MDSUN Honorary Art Advisor Jiannan Huang attending the celebration by video conference from his studio in Beijing, China.

Arcadia, California, USA. 24th January, 2024. MDSUN, an international skincare company, hosted a press conference to celebrate Chinese artist Jiannan Huang on his collaboration with Courvoisier's 2024 Lunar New Year Collection for Year of the Dragon. Huang is renowned contemporary artist and was named the MDSUN Honorary Art Design Consultant last year. Courvoisier is well-known worldwide for its fine cognacs and spirits, and partnered with artist Jiannan Huang for designing their 2024 Lunar New Year collection celebrating the Year of the Dragon.

Courvoisier XO cognac with new 2024 Lunar New Year design for Year of the Dragon by artist Jiannan Huang

The official press conference will be held in Shanghai, China today (January 25th) and will launch the three-bottle collection of Courvoisier L’Essence, XO Royal, and XO featuring the striking, vivid red and artistic dragon motif he designed for the labels and packaging. Huang, who was born in the Year of the Dragon, used his skills in traditional Chinese artistry to create each bottle design in a unique way to showcase the rich heritage and superb craftsmanship of the Courvoisier brand. Watch the video below to see the 2024 Lunar New Year Collection and the exceptional artistry of Jiannan Huang.

Video of the Lunar New Year Collection with artist Jiannan Huang

Jiannan Huang is one of the world's top artists, specializing in Western oil painting and Chinese ink painting. Ranked third in the Hurun China Art List in 2020 and 2023, and ranked 19th in the world in the 2020 Hurun Art List. In 2021, he was awarded the Honorary Member of the California Chapter of the Royal Society of St. George (RSSG). In 2022, he won the Royal Society RSSG "Art Master" Award and the LABA International Art Festival Top Ten Most Influential and Valuable Artist (LABA-MIMV). He is also a LABA Blue-chip artist, Rotating Chairman of the LABA International Art Festival, and has received many other honors and awards.

Artist Jiannan Huang

The attendees at the press conference at MDSUN included Zehra Sun, CEO of MDSUN, George Sun, MD, founder of MDSUN, photographic artist and Emmy-nominated actor Michael Warren, neon artist Lisa Schulte ("The Neon Queen"), filmmaker and director Harrison Engle, Los Angeles Beverly Arts (LABA) founder, Joey Zhou, Emmy award-winning publicist Jacqueline Lewis, and other invited guests.                 


Joey Zhou, Harrison Engle, Zehra Sun, Lisa Schulte, George Sun, MD, and Michael Warren

Huang joined the event by video conference and the guests congratulated him on his success and artistry on his designs. Huang stated, "I am so honored to be chosen by Courvoisier this year for their 2024 Lunar New Year Collection, and to have MDSUN and my American friends congratulate me."

Artist Lisa Schulte and Zehra Sun with a print of the neon art sculpture and oil painting by artist Jiannan Huang and Lisa Schulte

Zehra Sun presented at the press conference and talked about her work with Huang as the MDSUN Honorary Art Design Consultant, and the ceremony that was held last year in China. Lisa Schulte discussed the collaboration artwork they did that featured neon art sculpture and the artistry of his oil painting. She brought a print of the artwork to share at the press conference. Zehra Sun brought out the artwork by artist Michael Warren to show that she purchased at the silent auction during the 2023 LABA Icon Awards.

Michael Warren and Zehra Sun

Zehra Sun and Michael Warren with one of his artworks

After the press conference, TV host Joey Zhou and Zehra Sun held a thank-you dinner for the guests and announced that they look forward to cooperating with other artists and celebrities from all walks of life on the theme "Live to Towards Beauty."

TV host Joey Zhou and founder of LABA

Zehra Sun, CEO of MDSUN, and George Sun, MD, founder of MDSUN


MDSUN Skin Care, Inc. is an international medical-grade skin care company founded by an award-winning plastic surgeon, George Sun, MD in 2001. When Dr. Sun began developing the MDSUN line, he drew upon his extensive background as an aesthetic plastic surgeon and a biochemist. Each MDSUN product features a custom formulated base, designed with specialized ingredients that provide clinical efficacy and long-term improvement in the look and feel of skin. The MDSUN product line gets to the heart of anti-aging issues, using premium ingredients and treatments to replenish the skin at a cellular level, nourish its deep tissue layers, and improve its hydration, elasticity and collagen. Each product is perfected through rigorous research and development and quality assurance processes and is formulated to deliver effective results throughout its life cycle.

Artist Jiannan Huang with his designs for Courvoisier's 2024 Lunar New Year Collection. This special collection for Year of the Dragon features three of their premium cognacs, Courvoisier L’Essence, XO Royal, and XO.

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