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LA Art Show 2023 Opening Night Premiere Party Benefiting St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital

Updated: Feb 10

Actress/singer Ashley Tisdale (center left) poses with guests on the red (blue) carpet

Los Angeles, California, USA. 15th February, 2023. The 28th edition of the LA Art Show opened with a VIP premiere party benefiting St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. St. Judes's is a nonprofit organization that is focused on fighting childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. The opening night was hosted by Ashley Tisdale, an actress and singer who is perhaps best known for her role as Sharpay Evans in the High School Musical film series. She achieved mainstream success as Maddie Fitzpatrick in the Disney Channel teen sitcom The Suite Life of Zack & Cody (2005–2008), and began her career as a music artist. Recently, Tisdale starred as Jenny Kenney in the CBS sitcom Carol's Second Act (2019–2020), and served as a panelist on the reality competition show The Masked Dancer.

Marisa Caichiolo, founder of Building Bridges Exchange and Maxwell Gobbell holds an iPad with LABA Blue-chip artist Jiannan Huang attending by video conference.

The show featured a new exhibition by DIVERSEartLA that focused on the global climate crisis. The 2023 edition, curated by Marisa Caichiolo, included eight art institutions, museums and non-profits, including MOLAA Museum of Latin American Art and Art Museum of the Americas (AMA). They presented video installations and immersive experiences to augmented reality and community-oriented projects. The goal was to examine how the environment is represented through art and how humanity’s place in the world is depicted. DIVERSEartLA is the only educational project of its kind in the United States.

TV host Joey Zhou

TV host Joey Zhou interviewed Marisa Caichiolo, the founder of Building Bridges Art Exchange, about this year's DIVERSEartLA exhibition. He arranged an international exchange by video conference with LABA Blue-chip artist Jiannan Huang, who was located at his art studio in Beijing, China. They were able to communicate during the interview about the art show, and Marisa was able to answer his questions about her new exhibition.

Maxell Gobbell holds iPad with LABA Blue-chip artist Jiannan Huang attending by video conference.

"Mr. Huang, I know you are invited to LA Art Show for the second time. How do you feel? How does it feel to be the new rotating chairman of the LABA International Art Festival?"

Huang Jiannan: "I am very happy to participate in the Los Angeles Art Fair again. It is my greatest wish to enhance the friendship with artists from all over the world through my paintings. I hope that more friends who love art can communicate with me through this platform, because continuous learning gives a new perspective thinking and innovation. I am grateful to Los Angeles Art Show for giving me this opportunity. Thank you.

Regarding your second question, I am grateful and honored to be elected as the new "Rotating Chairman" of the LABA International Art Festival. I think the "rotating chairman" is a large responsibility, and I will work hard to integrate all aspects Thanks for your trust and support."

LABA Blue-chip artist Jiannan Huang with his award from the Royal Society of St. George California

Question: "It is said that you recently recommended Mr. Jun Tan, Mr. Xinyong Wang and Mr. Daniel Liau Wee Seng as the chief representatives of Southwest China, East China and Malaysia LABA International Art Festival respectively. What is your purpose of recommending them?"

Huang Jiannan: "Yes, I recommend three artists including Jun Tan and Xinyong Wang from mainland China, and Daniel Liau Wee Seng from Malaysia as chief representatives to join the family of the LABA International Art Festival. One of the main considerations is to make the LABA platform more inclusive with more vitality, and more value. I sincerely hope that more diverse cultures and arts can take root in LABA and integrate and develop. Inclusiveness, collaboration, and communication will help us to move forward together. This is my vision of the LABA International Art Festival. Best wishes. Thank you."

Maxell Gobbell with artist Jun Tan attending by video conference

Afterward, the host connected with Mr. Jun Tan, the chief representative of the southwest region of mainland China, and Mr. Xinyong Wang, the chief representative of the East China region. Jun Tan and Xinyong Wang are both artists of the "First LABA- MIMV World's Top 20 Most Influential and Most Valuable Artists". They each indicated that they would complete the promotion of the "2022-2023 Second LABA International Art Festival" in China under the leadership of the LABA International Art Festival Organizing Committee.

TV host Joey Zhou with Maxwell Gobbell holds iPad with artist Xingyong Wang attending by video conference from China.

One of the highlights of the show was the Jackson Pollock exhibition featuring a painting valued at 140 million dollars USD. John Ravizé, president of Wyoming Work Group talked with Joey Zhou, and they discussed the career of the legendary artist Jackson Pollock, who was born in Cody, Wyoming.

John Ravizé, exhibitor with Wyoming Working Group, and TV host Joey Zhou with paintings by artist Jackson Pollock

TV host Joey Zhou points to painting by Jackson Pollock

The LA Art Show is one of the largest contemporary art shows in the United States, with an array of galleries, artwork, new media, and trendsetting technologies. The show attracts an elite selection of national and international galleries, acclaimed artists, curators, design professionals, art lovers, and discerning collectors. As Los Angeles emerges as a global epicenter for art, the LA Art Show provides visitors with an international art experience featuring painting, sculpture, works on paper, art installations, photography, performance art, design works, video, digital art, and cutting-edge new technologies.

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