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Artistic Vision: Humanities and Natural Beauty by Jiannan Huang

Press Release of Jiannan Huang Art Exhibition

On May 16, 2021, the "Jiannan Huang Art Exhibition" will be held at the China International Cultural Exchange Center in Beijing. This exhibition is guided by China International Cultural Exchange Center, hosted by China International Cultural Exchange Foundation, and undertaken by the International Cultural Exchange Art Museum. The exhibition dates are: May 10, 2021 to May 28, 2021.

"Time and Space in Dreams", "Earth Code", and many other paintings will be featured at the exhibition. Jinnan Huang is an artist who creates paintings that include the diversity of life, the charm of the plateau, the setting sun in the desert, the light of the galaxy; the majestic nature, the strange space, and and diverse cultures. He is very imaginative, and uses his pen and ink to measure civilization and integrate Chinese and Western cultures. The value of contemporary art lies in the surrealism, which can be seen by the super eye, and the real object can be tested. Only by daring to transcend can one express one's own personality in art.

Colorful and hearty, surging with majestic passionate reverie.

The abstract mystery is exciting and full of artistic fantasy.

The unpredictable weather shows the endless Eastern spirit.

The moment when I saw Jiannan Huang's paintings, apart from the shock, there was only the beauty of humanity and nature.

Jiannan Huang's paintings are neither geometrical abstract nor lyrical abstraction. There are not only bright, bright and complex geometric lines, but also bright and beautiful juxtaposed large color blocks. Whether it is the imagination of the vast universe or the philosophical thinking about the origin of life, this abstract painting based on the oriental tradition is a spiritual blend of Chinese and Western art. Let the people of the East and the West be able to integrate spiritually. It is precisely this integration that allows Princess Karen Cantrell, President of the Royal Society California, Harrison Engle, co-founder of the International Documentary Association, and Robbie Conal, American street art poster painter. Celebrities and artists such as Robbie Cornal sent heartfelt video congratulations to Jiannan Huangfor this exhibition.

Jiannan Huang was the winner of the Gold Medal of the Global Charity Alliance, the first honorary member of an Asian artist since the establishment of the Royal Society (RSSG) in 127 years, and was given the title of "Earl" bestowed by the royal family.

Jiannan Huang once walked more than 38,000 kilometers in nine years, traveled north and south, deep in the desert countryside, and experienced life sketching, accumulating creative materials and rich painting experience. Since 2015, Jiannan Huang has worked hard and has continuously been in the top ten of the Hurun Art Ranking. Ranked fourth in the Hurun Art Ranking in 2019, and third in the Hurun Art Ranking in 2020, he is currently the only painter who ranks among the top ten in both oil painting and Chinese painting. In the "2020 Hurun Global Art List" first released in 2020, Huang Jiannan ranked 19th. At the same time, Jiannan Huang ranks 21st in the top 500 global contemporary artists ranked by Artprice, the authoritative website of European and American art. The market value and international influence of his paintings are rising day by day.

In 2019 and 2020, he was in the Top Ten for Most Influential Figure in National Charity for two consecutive years. He was hired as a part-time candidate of Tsinghua University Shenzhen Graduate School for two consecutive periods. Jiannan Huang is also a director of the Chinese Traditional Culture Promotion Association, a member of the "Cheering for the Olympics" group, the general overseas art consultant, a member of the French National Artists Committee, an art consultant of the World Low-Carbon City Alliance, an honorary citizen of the Gold Medal of Guine City, France, and a former Italian Knight of Constantine Royal Sark. In 2020, Jiannan Huang was has invited to serve as a senior consultant for the American "The Beverly Arts" and is the first blue-chip Chinese artist identified by the "Los Angeles Beverly (LABA) International Art Festival".




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