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"Wind Chimes" - A Poem

Author: Joey Zhou

Translated from Chinese: Joey Zhou

There is always a wind chime

Made by your own hands,

There is always a summer breeze

Floated from afar,

Always is a breath

A familiar phantom,

There is always a throbbing

Makes the nose sour to the heart;

The ecstasy rhythm collides in an instant...!

No guilt!

No greeting!

Not heavy!

No expectations!

Everything is back to

The darkness before being buried by the stars...

Pitch-black silence,

A silent dream, a dreamy sigh.

Standing in front of the window of the photography building,

Everything is white as a wedding dress,


Crushing the missing in the white rose and the hatred after the missing, the hatred is torn like a knife.

There is always a picture,

Drawn by your own hands,

There is always a song,

Forged by swan song,

There is always a parting,

Made of deep love,

There is always a time of deep love,

It was instigated by wind chimes.

Listen, what's up with the wind...


In a burst of warm singing in the bell,

Oh wind chimes, oh wind chimes,


My poems are in the extreme high notes of the summer wind

Constant revival...!


Wind chimes, oh wind chimes.

(Written on Diamond Bar Mountain on May 15, 2018)

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