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TV Host Takes Dance Class for Pandemic Exercise Program

San Gabriel, California, USA. 26th January, 2021. TV host Joey Zhou takes a dance class with Rex Li (Li Xinyu), President of "Xinyu Dance & Music Performing Arts Academy" as a part of his 'Pandemic Fitness Program' to help inspire others to get exercise while staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic at the New Universe Entertainment Academy in San Gabriel, California. Joey Zhou started with warm up exercises and was soon learning dance moves for a Mongolian folk dance.

Mr. Li has served as the stage director and choreographer for large-scale performances, including classical, folk, contemporary, and Hakka folk dances. He has also been a judge at the Chinese American Association Dance Competition, an organization that has been working with the overseas Chinese community to pass on the art of Chinese dance.

This was Joey Zhou's first dance class with Mr. Li, and he was able to learn the steps very quickly. Mr. Li has over 100 dance students and teaches students of all ages. Many of his students have won trophies and some are on display at his dance studio. Joey Zhou looks forward to his next dance class as another way to stay in shape during the pandemic.



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