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"Poetry and Picturesque Blur" - A Poem

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Author: Joey Zhou

Paintings by: LABA Blue-chip Artist Jiannan Huang

It's all melancholy,

Mobility is the splendor of light and out of context;

Extravagant clothing can’t hide tiredness,

The air is filled with the breath of the 21st century;

It’s all about the hurried glance,

Stopping is the illusion of color for a moment of tenderness;

The desire to grab provokes pure power,

Is it the dream to accompany you and my future?

Stop, rest, panic, as if countless souls are wandering,

Walking around, in a hurry, it seems that all the paintings are insane.

There must be a period of innocence hidden deep in the color,


There must be a true heart hidden in a secret heart,


There must be a moment of gentle embrace between you and me,


There must be a picture drenched in the window of the soul,



Everything is like in the past...!

Written in Los Angeles during the LA ART SHOW on February 8, 2020 .



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