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"Paint Your Dreams" with Olympics 2022 Overseas Art Advisor Jiannan Huang

Artist Jiannan Huang and President Thomas Bach of the International Olympic Committee as Huang presents his gift of painting called "Olympic Flowers"

The Olympic Winter Games 2022 will be held in Beijing, China and a new program called "Cheering for the Olympics" was initiated in 2019 to help promote Chinese art and culture to the world. "Cheering for the Olympics" is a program that is sponsored by the International Olympic Committee and aims to combine Chinese culture with the Olympic spirit. Artist Jiannan Huang was chosen to be the Olympics 2022 Overseas Art Advisor and presented a painting called "Olympic Flowers" to President Bach of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to express his appreciation and thank him for supporting the program.

Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee with Jiannan Huang

Huang's artwork represents his best wishes to the Chinese artists for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and his strong support for the Olympic Games. Mr. Bach expressed his gratitude and encouraged Huang to promote art and culture, and spread the Olympic spirit.

Jiannan Huang with Thomas Bach at a reception he held for him in Switzerland in January, 2020.

“Cheering for the Olympics” is a culture and sports program that is authorized and sponsored by the International Olympic Committee. It uses the international element of sports as a basis to share art and culture on the Olympic stage. As a cultural program, there will be planned events that will include the "Courage for the Olympics", “Olympic Art Expo City Series”, and other special activities for promoting the events and Beijing Winter Olympics 2022”.

Jiannan Huang demonstrates a painting technique to promote art and culture at a Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 reception.

One of the special activities that Huang created for primary and secondary students was "Dream Drawing Action" where he gave them professional guidance on painting. "Dream Drawing Action" is an important part of "Cheering for the Olympics" as it looks to popularize art education throughout the country, so that more young people can learn about art and the humanities through painting.

Jiannan Huang signs books for students as a part of his program to inspire young people and promote the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022.

With "Dream Drawing Action," Huang hopes to enrich the spiritual life of students by promoting the combination of sports and education in an artistic way and bring more possibilities for the cultural growth of young people.

At Nantong Station in Jiangsu Province, Huang signed and wrote blessings for local school students on the "Dream Drawing Action" theme picture book to encourage students to be enjoy art and create outstanding paintings.



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