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Never Too Late

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Poem by Joey Zhou

It was at night, seven years ago. I had a nightmare and suddenly I felt that my youth had passed away. I felt old, and it seemed to be late to do anything. Waking up suddenly, I took a shower and then realized, "As long as you believe in yourself, old age is just a concept!" So I wrote this little English poem, “Never Too Late” in one sitting.

Before you leave this world,

If you want to cry saying you really love the planet,

The time is short,

But it is never too late!

When your lover has gone to another world,

If you want to say you love her still,

She cannot hear your voice,

But it is never too late!

Please don’t say you are already old,

You can’t jump like a child

You can’t run like youth

But you still can smile,

Smile like a blooming flower…

Please don’t tell me you’ve begun to hate this world,

Because you are tired of everything around you,

Just think of the bright moon tonight,

If you don’t believe in my love again?

Think of the dear cat who has passed on,

The missing dog which gave you so much passion;

Neither lied nor ever pretended.

Friends, I love this world

Only because of a bit of true help from you,

The help you gave me is like a spring of power;

Whenever, wherever I go, it is flowing…

Lovers, I am loving this world,

Because you gave me a short true love

Which are the seeds of feeling

Whenever, wherever I go, it blooms and ripens into fruit.

Don’t laugh at me!

I am selfish and greedy

Wanting all the love from the whole world

But no no no !

This is my true nature

I want your whole love

If you say you used to love me

Or maybe some day you will love me,

It is never too late!


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