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Jiannan Huang Named as Blue-Chip Artist of the LABA International Art Festival

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Princess Karen Cantrell, G. James Daichendt, Harrison Engle, Ike Khamisani, Carlos Amezcua,

and Joey Zhou

Press Conference and Luncheon at the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills

Los Angeles, California, USA. 14th July, 2021. The Los Angeles Beverly Arts (“LABA”) and the LABA Los Angeles International Art Festival are proud to announce the first Blue-Chip Artist Award of the art festival. The award was presented to Mr. Jiannan Huang, one of the top Chinese artists globally, as rated by The Hurun Research Institute, which ranks the Top 50 Global artists alive today based on the sales of their works at public auctions. Huang's paintings have reached sales of $29 million recently, and his work is increasingly sought out by collectors and museums internationally. Huang has been on the Hurun Art List for past seven years, and last year rose to 3rd place on the China Art List, and 19th place on the Global Art List.

Princess Karen Cantrell, G. James Daichendt and Harrison Engle present awards to Jiannan Huang as he watches and accepts his awards via video conference (iPad).

Princess Karen Cantrell, G. James Daichendt, Harrison Engle, Jiannan Huang (iPad), and Joey Zhou during the awards ceremony for Jiannan Huang where he was joined in by video conference.

Jiannan Huang - LABA Blue Chip Artist 2021

Huang was presented with the “Blue Chip Artist” certificate and trophy to show appreciation for his contribution to the LABA Los Angeles International Art Festival since its founding on October 28, 2020. In particular, he has actively participated in selecting artists for the festival and in committee activities. As an artist, Huang is best known for his expertise in both oil painting and Chinese ink. Over the past year, his works have received increased attention in North America, Asia, and Europe, as he continues to play a pivotal role in promoting the LABA International Art Festival around the world.

“It is an honor to present this award today to Mr. Huang,” said Princess Cantrell.

It was also announced that French artist Remy Aron was selected to be one the judges for the LABA International Art Festival. Aron is a Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters, former president of the La Maison des artistes, and president of the French Association of Plastic Arts (AFAP).

Joey Zhou leads a champagne toast with Ike Khamisani, Princess Karen Cantrell, G. James Daichendt, and Harrison Engle.

Carlos Amezcua, Ike Khamisani, Princess Karen Cantrell, and G. James Daichendt during the press conference where the speakers responded to questions from the media.

Joey Zhou, Co-Founder and Chairman of LABA and the LABA Los Angeles International Art Festival was the master of ceremonies. Presenters at the event included Princess Karen Cantrell, the rotating Chairman of the Art Festival and the California Chairman of the non-profit Royal Society of St. George (“RSSG”), and Dr. G. James Daichendt, Dean of the Academy of Fine Arts of Loma Nazareth University of Southern California. Dr. Daichendt is an art critic, art historian, and Chairman of the LABA International Arts Festival Jury.

The LABA Blue Chip Artist Award for Mr. Jiannan Huang.

Joey Zhou speaks during the press conference with Carlos Amezcua, Ike Khamisani, Princess Karen Cantrell, and G. James Daichendt.

Due to travel restrictions and the pandemic, Huang was unable to accept the award in person, but was joined into the ceremony by video conference from his art studio in Beijing. Mr. Harrison Engle, accepted the award and certificate on his behalf, while Jiannan Huang watched virtually via Joey Zhou's iPad, and cheerfully interacted with the guests and media.

Harrison Engle, Princess Karen Cantrell, G. James Daichendt, Jiannan Huang (iPad), and Joey Zhou during the awards ceremony for Jiannan Huang where he was joined in by video conference.

Princess Karen Cantrell, G. James Daichendt, Jiannan Huang (iPad), Harrison Engle, and Joey Zhou

The head table for the speakers at the LABA International Art Festival press conference.

The news media interview Ike Khamisani, President, United Nations Association of the USA, Inland Empire.

Joey Zhou and Princess Karen Cantrell

Other distinguished guests who attended include Ike Khamisani, President of the United Nations Association of the USA (“UNA-USA), Inland Empire, Carlos Amezcua, anchor and Emmy Award-winner who is also co-chair of LABA International Art Festival, and Harrison Engle, the founding chairman of the International Documentary Association.

Princess Karen Cantrell reviewed the past seven months of the Los Angeles LABA International Arts Festival’s launch and registration, selection process, and current shortlisting. “I look forward to the general content of the nominated shortlist, the offline exhibition, and the awards ceremony that will take place on February 18, 2022,” said Cantrell.

Ike Khamisani also presented Huang with a Humanitarian Certificate of Award from the UNA-USA Inland Empire.

As United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said in his last message about art “Some Exhibitions celebrate an artist’s work; others explore an artistic movement or era.”

"At LABA, we envision the arts as part of intercultural learning in order to inspire a culture of PEACE and HOPE and EDUCATE for NON-VIOLENT alternatives to create a sustainable, equitable, and harmonious earth society," said Khamisani. “As our societies become increasingly multicultural, we need alternative visions of what it means to coexist, interact, and learn in community with each other.”

"Our organization also focuses on shared HUMAN interests in PEACE, EQUITY, and JUSTICE. The Art Festival is a forum in which the arts provide an expressive vocabulary for the examination of social and political issues affecting our communities," said Princess Karen Cantrell. "We rely on the arts as a platform for social innovation and PEACE EDUCATION, to inspire hope and build bridges across cultures."


"This is the core reason the United Nations Association of the United States of America, Inland Empire, California appreciates both LABA and the LABA International Art Festival’s vision and role in the field of promotion of art and its role in world peace,” said Kamisani. “We chose to support LABA not only because it is a non-profit organization, but also since many of LABA’s top leaders and members come from other charity organizations.”

When editor-in-chief Jennifer Liu of "US NEWS EXPRESS” asked how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the LABA Arts Festival, Mr. Zhou responded by explaining that the LABA International Art Festival Organizing Committee decided to extend the original three-month online exhibition to six months. “Face-to-face discussion and review by the jury and the review of the original works by the artists has not been possible during the pandemic as our location has been closed," said Zhou.

Reporters also asked about LABA International Art Festival’s shortlisting criteria and future award criteria.

“Based on the traditional experience of previous art festivals, we’ve also taken lessons from Oscar® and the Golden Globe Awards selection methods,” said Dr. James Daichendt. “We specifically asked Harrison Engle, who has thirty years' experience as a judge, to advise us about how to implement strict controls for all aspects of the selection process. Mr. Engle has established orderly and professional conduct for the first 2021-2022 LABA International Art Festival's selection of ‘the world's 100 most valuable and influential artists', and in early September, we will announce the shortlist of the first batch of artists.”

Media attending the event include: "Phoenix Satellite TV America/PSTV," "Zhejiang International Satellite TV," "HTTV, "Huaxia TV, "Sky Link Satellite TV," "US News Express," "Media News & Huarenone, "Zhou Zheng Show," "Zhou Zheng Art Channel," "Beverly Arts Interview," "LABA International Arts Festival Finalist Interview," "Beverly Arts News," "Bob Delgadillo Photography," "US ARTBANK Report," and other local and major international news media based in Los Angeles.

About Jiannan Huang


Jiannan Huang, also known as Miao Jian, is one of the World's finest artists in oil painting and traditional Chinese ink painting. He is the Gold Medal-winner of the Global Charity Alliance and was awarded the title of "Earl" by the Indonesian Royal Family. Huang has been on the Hurun China Art List published by the Hurun Research Institute for seven years. In 2020, Jiannan ranked 3rd on the Hurun Art List for Chinese artists and 19th on the Hurun Global Art List as one of the top artists in the World. Jiannan is ranked 21st in the "Top 500 Global Contemporary Artists" at Artprice, the authoritative European and American art website. In his early years, Jiannan walked more than 38,000 kilometers across China, traveled north and south, and went deep into desert villages and towns to see the country and experience life for creating his art. 


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