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"Haze of Haze" - A Poem

Author: Joey Zhou

Translated from Joey’s original Chinese poem “Lan Zhi Lan” .

You are not white clouds,

Why bring the rain after the blue sky?

You are not the wind and rain,

Why in your fog scattered above all the beautiful scenery?

You are not pine,

Why always in the trees in the upright posture?

You're not the light,

Why are millions of lights always behind you?

Haze of haze, far away from your shadow, close to your thoughts, far and near to the wind around your scattered phantom;

You are not Paris,

Why do you always let people smell the elegant atmosphere from there?

You are not a fashion,

Why in the arrangement of photos I can always find you?

You are not a story,

Why in a few words with a stirring melody hidden?

You're not a melody,

So why do I always hear beautiful songs when you're gone?

Haze of haze, muffled your white, around your flawless, muffled around the flower blossom fall and your bulrushes like beauty ...

You are not thunder, nor lightning, you are not green mountains, nor water, not the great curdling...,

But why do you leave a long memory after your sadness?

Haze of Haze ...!

Written on 01/09/2018 in Diamond Bar, California during the Los Angeles rainy season.



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