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Director Harrison Engle Talks About Hollywood and Pandemic Recovery

Director Harrison Engle and TV host Joey Zhou

Los Angeles, California, USA. 27th August, 2021. TV host Joey Zhou interviewed the award-winning film director Harrison Engle on his views of the entertainment industry as Hollywood recovers from the pandemic. Engle has produced over 80 documentary films and dramatic productions, with most of his work focused on the subjects of history, biography and the arts. He has directed many leading actors and actresses including James Earl Jones, Beau Bridges, Helen Hunt, Oliver Stone, Meryl Streep, Jimmy Stewart, Steven Spielberg, Martin Sheen, Sean Penn, Senator John Glenn, and astronaut Neil Armstrong.

During the interview, LABA Blue-chip artist Jiannan Huang had an opportunity to ask Engle a few questions and Professor Richard Wearn from California State University, Los Angeles, joined in from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where he is working at the moment.

Director Harrison Engle and TV host Joey Zhou

When asked if Hollywood would ever recover from the pandemic, Engle was optimistic, and felt that things should start returning to normal in another year. Right now, it is difficult and costly to produce a film, but despite all the COVID precautions and health concerns, production is already back in full swing with filming studios booked out ahead. It is a good sign for recovery as the industry works to get back on track with television programs and movies being made again.

Director Harrison Engle and TV host Joey Zhou

With all the changes to requirements for filming, Zhou asked Engle if the role of the director had changed during this time. Engle responded that in his opinion, the role of the director really hadn't changed in film making. It is still about trying to get inside the head of the performer, and getting the best performance out of the them. While other roles on the set might have changed, the director still needs to be very focused on this to become very successful.

Director Harrison Engle and LABA Blue-chip artist Jiannan Huang

LABA Blue-chip artist Jiannan Huang

In regards to the future of entertainment, Engle thinks that the "mega" films will be leading the market - those films with large budgets and production companies who can market their films world-wide, such as the films from Marvel Studios. He feels that there will also still be a strong market for the smaller, more intimate films, like many of those that are based on books and novels.

Director Harrison Engle, Professor Richard Wearn (iPad), and TV host Joey Zhou

In terms of projects that Engle was working on now, Engle talked about a new film he worked on that is a remake of the 60-year old movie, " Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm" for Warner Brothers Home Video. He also working on marketing and distributing his most recently completed a documentary called "Chasing the Dream", which is focused on the stories of Chinese immigrants who came to the United States and established new lives and careers.

After the interview, Zhou showed Engle some of the paintings by Jiannan Huang. They continued their discussion about the entertainment industry which, like the art world, is looking to be more successful in the coming year as recovery from the pandemic continues on a forward track.

TV host Joey Zhou and Director Harrison Engle

Director Harrison Engle and TV host Joey Zhou



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