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“Beverly, There is a Kind of Extravagance" - A Poem

Updated: Apr 6

Author: Joey Zhou 

Some people say that philosophy makes people think, mathematics makes people precise, and history makes people wise, but I say that poetry makes people smart with a kind of liberating life and refreshing ecstasy. Let us ecstasy in poetry for awhile...!

There is an excess called luxury,

                             There is a kind of luxury called intoxication,

There is a kind of intoxication called dream of death,

                            There is a dream called drunk life.

   "Beverly, the bastard beauty hidden in luxury!"

There is a kind, to revel in the shadow in the red wine,

                           And memories in the shadows...;

    Don’t believe those exaggerated oaths,

                           And the tears in the oath;

         Because the moment the tears drop, there is a gentle call

                            "Break away."

Damn it! How can I feel a bitingly beautiful in an instant!

There is a dream called drunk life 

                           There is a kind of drunkenness called lewdness,

There is a kind of lewdness called luxury,

                            There is a kind of arrogance called excessive.

          "Beverly, there is an ecstasy hidden in beauty."

There is a kind, who is drunk first? And who wakes up first after getting drunk?

Boredom is not just a smile like a sign and the charm in the smile.

              "Men and men, women and women.”

              All the lasting love has been defeated.

It seems that God is also teaching you to play a game with no bottom line.

                      "Beverly Beverly"

                      "You, me, her"

Does it take a lifetime of extravagance, pleasure, excitement, and joy to know what it means:

                         "Give up"?

When the moon slowly rises,

                        I suddenly found out after kissing goodbye

Only from the story of a thousand years of death did I understand what it means:

                         "Drunk lives and dreams of death".

Push the door out...

On the left is the breeze, on the right is the lights, backed by the distant mountains,

Looking at the sea, the moonlight above your head, and the drunken shadow with your feet...;

Damn it! It turns out that ecstasy is the most rare luxury.

                                   Too much...

Please don't blame God,

              It turns out that all the passwords of life are still hidden

                            The heart of the lover.



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