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Artist Xinyong Wang, LABA Award Winner, Receives Market Valuation of $300,000 for Three Artworks

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Artist Xinyong Wang

On July 3, 2022, the Los Angeles Beverly Arts (LABA) International Art Festival Organizing Committee in Beverly Hills announced that artist Mr. Xinyong Wang, who is shortlisted in the top 50 artists for the "LABA 2021-2022 World's Most Influential and Valuable Artists Award", received a valuation for three artworks of $300,000. The three artworks were "Impression of Butterfly”, “Green Banana”, and “Silence Here.” The RMB value is about 2 million. The three artworks were appraised by Richard Wearn, an appraiser of JH International Art Institute, the designated artwork appraisal agency of LABA International Art Festival.

Artwork by Xinyong Wang

Artwork by Xinyong Wang

Mr. Xinyong Wang, an artist living in the United States, has studied Chinese painting and calligraphy for more than 20 years, and has a strong foundation in fine art. He has worked in Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, China, Los Angeles, Santa Fe, Taos, Texas A&M University STARK Gallery, Texas Brasseau Art Center, Michigan State University Asian Studies Center, and others. He has participated in exhibitions, lectures, and exchanges. At the same time, as the Deputy Director of the Culture and Art Committee of the Jiangsu General Chamber of Commerce in the United States, he has devoted himself to promoting the exchanges of culture and art between China and the United States.

Artwork by Xinyong Wang

Richard Wearn, the principal appraiser at JH International Art Institute, has been a professor of art at Cal State Los Angeles since 2005. His art has been exhibited around the world, and he is an art critic for several mainstream media. His books on Western and Chinese contemporary art have been published internationally, and he has taught at some of the most important art institutions in China, Taiwan, the United States and Europe. In addition to his academic and artistic career, he has worked at institutions such as the Contemporary Art Museum of Los Angeles, Blum and Poe Gallery Santa Monica, and helped establish Patricia Marshall Fine Arts, one of the most influential private art consultancies in the world. Richard Wearn Fine Art has extensive experience in art appraisal. Since 2019, Richard Wearn Fine Art has provided appraisal and consulting services to many important collectors in the United States, Italy, and China. He has appraised the works of famous artists such as Andy Warhol, Lucio Fontana, Basquiat, Picasso, Lichtenstein, Banksy, Naim June Paik, etc., and has provided consulting to numerous world-class art institutions such as Lomonen SE in Prague and The DART Museum in Milan.

Joey Zhou, the founding chairman LABA, holds iPad with Xinyong Wang who was interviewed by video conference

On July 8, at 4:00 p.m. Los Angeles time and 7:00 a.m. Beijing time, Mr. Joey Zhou, the founding chairman of LABA International Art Festival, was interviewed by the official website of LABA Art Festival (, and asked Mr. Wang of Nanjing International Connection about the valuation, as well as Beijing's appraisal recommender Mr. Jiannan Huang. Mr. Wang was highly recommended by the world-renowned contemporary artist Jiannan Huang, the first Blue-chip artist of LABA International Art Festival, and senior consultant of The Beverly Arts. He was also recommended by the organizing committee of LABA International Art Festival, who honored him with a LABA Icon Award. On behalf of the LABA International Art Festival Organizing Committee, Zhou congratulated Mr. Wang for his new breakthrough in the art business market in North America.

Certification of participation in LABA International Art Festival

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