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6th World Sichuan Cuisine Conference Held in the Historic City of Guang'an

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Speech by Ying Xing, President of the World Chinese Catering Industry Federation

The "6th World Sichuan Cuisine Conference" was held at the historical city of Guang'an, China on November 15th - 17th, 2023 to promote Sichuan cuisine culture and focus on international collaboration. This conference was co-sponsored by the World Federation of Chinese Catering Industry and the Guang'an Municipal People's Government. With the theme of "Spreading Sichuan and Chongqing Charm and Fragrance in Guang'an," the conference focused on the integrated development trend of Sichuan and Chongqing and promoted local specialty catering by building a global catering industry exchange platform. Cluster development supports the Sichuan culinary industry to build influence and competitiveness on the international stage.

Tony Xiaojun Hu, Chairman of the US-China Restaurant Alliance, presided over the international forum

Known for its hundreds of delicacies and hundreds of dishes, Sichuan cuisine has a profound cultural heritage and wide customer reach. So far, the World Sichuan Cuisine Conference has been held for five consecutive times in Chengdu Shuangliu, Ziyang, Meishan, Chengdu Pidu, Ya'an and other places in Sichuan, each time illuminated by the theme "let the world fall in love with Sichuan cuisine," now recognized as the benchmark for the Sichuan culinary industry. This conference was held in Guang'an City, Deng Xiaoping's hometown. Fifty overseas community members from 20 countries and more than a thousand guests including domestic experts and scholars, catering entrepreneurs, celebrity chefs and food lovers gathered together to discuss the advanced development and future of Sichuan cuisine on the international stage.

Overseas Chinese catering industry representatives take a group photo with Ying Xing, President of the World Chinese Catering Industry Federation

Focusing on the topic of "win-win cooperation, how Chinese catering industry organizations at home and abroad can improve their services to adapt to the international development of Chinese catering," Zheng Aizhen, Chairman of the German Daoxiangfang Group and Vice Chairman of the German Overseas Chinese Federation, Chairman of Anhui Sino-Arab International Trade Company, Anhui Argentina Wan Xuedong, President of the Hometown Association and Vice President of the Argentine Catering Industry Association, and Wan Rong, General Manager of Oufang Group Co., Ltd. and Executive President of the Austrian Sichuan and Chongqing General Chamber of Commerce, discussed the current conditions and future development and collaboration of the overseas Chinese restaurant industry.

Tony Xiaojun Hu, Chairman of the U.S.-China Restaurant Alliance, shared, "Every overseas Sichuan restaurant is a very good "window" to showcase the culture of Sichuan cuisine. A Sichuan restaurant cannot be old-fashioned and family-style like before. We must innovate in all aspects, including design, decoration, dishes, quality, and service. Chinese food and Sichuan food is like "sleeping beauty." It is slowly waking up. It will definitely warm more people's stomachs, and more people will fall in love with Chinese food and Sichuan food."

The award-winning representatives of the US-China Catering Industry Federation's Root-Searching Journey took a photo with Mr. Mou Dongliang, Assistant to the President of the World Chinese Catering Industry Federation

Lao Sze Chuan USA, US-China Restaurant Alliance and team members Dong Yi, Zhang Dan, Wang Shuang, Lin Minghuang, Huang Lingmei, Song Haiyan, Zhou Bin, Yu Shengyi, Lan Ying, Feng Jianxun, Feng Jianxi, Yu Shengchao, Yu Shenglong, Zhou Zhiwei, Huo Zhimin, Huang Liqing Won the 2023 "Tianfu Cup" World Sichuan Cuisine Communication Award. Lao Sze Chuan USA won the 2023 "Tianfu Cup" Top Ten Sichuan Cuisine Brands. Ciqikou (Thailand) won the 2023 "Tianfu Cup" Top Ten Regional Brands Award. Chowbus won the 2023 "Tianfu Cup" Sichuan Cuisine Quality Service Provider Award." Mao Lijun won the 2023 "Tianfu Cup" Top Ten Outstanding Young Chefs Award.

Sichuan masters from all over the world explored the future of Sichuan cuisine

Participants of the U.S.-China Restaurant Alliance (UCRA) Gourmet Root Adventure visited the Sichuan Culinary Institute, Rongle Yuan, Chixiang, Bazu, Red Star restaurant , China Sichuan Cuisine Museum, Xu Jiayi Creation Cuisine, Xinrongji, among others, to great enrichment.

US-China Restaurant Alliance Gourmet Root Adventure takes photo with Mr. Xu Liang, Chairman of Sichuan Pixiandouban Co., LTD. (Juancheng Brand)

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