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Author: Joey Zhou Artist: Jiannan Huang

Jiannan Huang - Oil Painting

Beat the drums of life

       God opens the sky,

Play the melody of fate

      Ultimate infinity...!

Snap your finger

          Flowers fall in the sky...


          Another light year...

The 25 billion light-year legend is too short

How about space?

Jiannan Huang - Oil Painting

Will answer

Exiled in the boundless sky...


Right and wrong

True and false 

Light and dark

Life and death

Staggered rotation...

Jiannan Huang - Oil Painting



In case,

Everything cannot control the initial

The future of us

What end will you choose?

As well as

Another new staggered starting point!

Jiannan Huang - Oil Painting

Dr. Debby Jou is a contemporary artist, educator, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who is well known for her charity work and generosity in helping others. She says her goals are to "spread art with heart, and embrace the world with love". Dr. Jou holds a number of positions in the business community including Chairman of the American Art Bank, CEO of the American Artists Association, President of the American Cultural Chamber of Commerce and the American Academy of Arts, President/CEO of Hollywood Film Group, Chairman of Apollo Entertainment Film Group, CEO of American Art Group (holding company), Founding President of Hope & Diamond Lions Club, and CEO of Hope House.

Born in Tapei, Taiwan, Dr. Jou is a television and film producer, and has been very successful entrepreneur in the United States. She pioneered an artist bank, U.S. Art Bank, for renting, selling, and leasing artwork to government agencies, legislators, businesses, and art lovers. She is the founder and president of the San Gabriel Lions Club and a charity organization called the Hope Center which provides food and medical assistance directly to those in need. Founded on the principal of "A Loving Heart and Helping Hands", the organization has a community event called the "Care Fair" which provides free medical services onsite and encourages the community to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Last year during the pandemic, Dr. Jou personally donated over 110,000 masks and 55 gallons of disinfectant at a time when medical supplies were scarce. She worked with the mayors of San Gabriel, West Covina, and El Monte to deliver anti-epidemic relief supplies to hospitals, medical staff, police, and public servants that included KN95 medical masks, face shields, goggles, gloves, protective clothing, and hand sanitizer. The mayors, hospitals, and community leaders awarded Dr. Debby Jou with certificates of merit to thank her for her generous help during the pandemic.

As a contemporary artist, Dr. Jou enjoys abstract oil painting and has studied the techniques of oil painting in depth. In her own artwork, she strives to bring the intuitiveness and vividness of the European style of oil paintings with their rich colors. She likes to combine the spirituality and aesthetics of traditional art with more contemporary influences of today's world.

Dr. Jou says that one of the keys to her success is that she uses love to lead people forward and welcome a bright and bright tomorrow. Each year, she co-sponsors a spring festival event called the "The Spring Fulu" in collaboration with U.S. Art Bank and Hope Center. It is a large cultural and charity event that intends to share Chinese culture and exchange with the U.S. and celebrate the national quintessence of the new year.

Dr. Jou has won many awards for her work including the Special Award for Social Contribution, Outstanding Talent Award, Top Ten American Chinese Charity Award, Most Influential Person Award, National Outstanding Leadership Award, Outstanding Talent Award, Top Honorary Manager President Award, Chinese Charity Ambassador Award, Top Ten Potential People Award, Outstanding Educator Award, and Outstanding Youth Representative.

Updated: Mar 31

Author: Joey Zhou (Translated from Chinese poem)

Type: Worship Singing

Style: Neoclassical

Music: Link to YouTube

There is no cloud for hundreds of miles and thousands of years, the red dust is billowing like blood. Sending love far away is also true and illusion, when the song is like a drunk moon.

When draped over the thorns, he was majestic and majestic. Conquered the journey, conquered the years, and conquered thousands of mountains and snow.

Ideals are not goals, dreams never stop. Drinking the river and the moon, touching the heart and soul, all the way to the sun and the moon, and the mountains and the river.

-- Written in Los Angeles on 3/28/2021