Princess Karen Cantrell, Kayla Broberg, Dondia York, Harrison Engle, Marisa Caichiolo, Dr. James Daichendt, Petra Eiko, and Joey Zhou.

Santa Monica, California, USA. 15th December, 2021. As Christmas approaches, major art centers and galleries in Los Angeles are also celebrating Christmas 2021. At 11 o'clock in the morning on December 15th, the Building Bridges Art Exchange at 2525 Michigan Ave #F2 in Santa Monica, hosted a special ceremony for the the "LABA Icon Charity Awards."

Harrison Engle, Princess Karen Cantrell, Marisa Caichiolo, and Petra Eiko

Artists and staff from Building Bridges Art Exchange included Marisa Caichiolo, Petra Eiko, Kayla Broberg, and Dondia York. The presidium members of the organizing committee of the LABA International Arts Festival were also present. They were Princess Karen Cantrell, the rotating chairman of the LABA International Arts Festival, Dr. James Daichendt and Harrison Engle, and Joey Zhou, the founder of The Beverly Arts, LABA, and the LABA International Art Festival. 

Princess Karen Cantrell hosted the awards ceremony.

The award ceremony was hosted by Princess Karen Cantrell. Princess Karen Cantrell began by introducing the well-known artist and international art curator Marisa Caichiolo, the founder of the Building Bridges Art Exchange. As Ms. Caichiolo plans and curates international art exhibitions, she has made a huge special contribution to the world art with the support of the Building Bridges Art Exchange charity organization.

Dr. James Daichendt presents Marisa Caichiolo with her LABA Icon Charity Award.

Dr. James Daichendt, a member of the Presidium of the Jury of the LABA International Arts Festival, presented Marisa Caichiolo with the "LABA Icon Charity Award."  Later, Caichiolo gave an enthusiastic acceptance speech. She said that Building Bridges Art Exchange will continue making contributions to the world of art.

Marisa Caichiolo with her LABA Icon Charity Award.

Marisa Caichiolo, Kayla Broberg, Dondia York, and Petra Eiko of Building Bridges Art Exchange.

Harrison Engle, Princess Karen Cantrell, Marisa Caichiolo, Joey Zhou, and Dr. James Daichendt.

Marisa Caichiolo is interviewed by international media.

Princess Karen Cantrell and Marisa Caichiolo with her LABA Icon Charity Award.

Mr. Xinyong Wang was recommended by Mr. Jiannan Huang, the first blue-chip artist of the LABA International Art Festival.  Huang is a world-renowned artist, ranked 19th in the world on the Hurun Global Art List 202, and ranked second on the China Art List 2020.  Mr. Xinyong Wang, also was presented with the "LABA Icon Charity Award."

Dr. James Daichendt and Harrison Engle present LABA Icon Charity Award to artist Xinyong Wang with his wife, Dr. Zhao, translating and speaking in English on his behalf.

Mr. Xinyong Wang, a professional artist living in America, has been absorbed in painting and calligraphy for more than 20 years. His artistic creations reflect the integration of Eastern and Western cultures, a rich pluralism, and his own independent style. Mr. Wang has successfully held painting exhibitions, lectures and exchanges in Beijing, Nanjing and Shanghai, Los Angeles, Santa Fe, and Taos; as well as the J. Wayne Stark Gallery at Texas A&M University, and other locations. At the same time, he is also the vice director of the Culture and Art Committee of the Jiangsu General Chamber of Commerce, and has been committed to promoting Sino-US cultural and art exchanges for many years.

Artist Xinyong Wang received a LABA Icon Charity Award at the ceremony today.

Due to the pandemic, Mr. Wang could not come to accept the award, and Harrison Engle, who also recommended Mr. Wang, accepted the award on his behalf. During the ceremony, Mr. Engle and Mr. Wang had an international video connection. Mr. Wang gave a brief acceptance speech. Mr. Wang’s wife, a university professor of landscape design, Dr. Zhao, spoke on his behalf and said very excitedly:

"My husband has won such an important honor with internationally renowned artists. I am very proud of him. Not only will I continue to support my husband in his efforts to contribute to the public welfare cause of art, I will also work with my husband to contribute to the world's art public welfare."

This impromptu congratulatory speech also brought the two cities of Los Angeles and Nanjing separated by vast mountains and rivers suddenly closer, and also pushed the entire award ceremony to an international level.

Harrison Engle holds an iPad with LABA Blue-chip artist Jiannan Huang attending by video conference call with Dr. James Daichendt.

Joey Zhou, the founder of LABA International Art Festival, also established an international connection with Mr. Jiannan Huang. In particular, Mr. Zhou asked why Mr. Huang recommended Mr. Wang for this honor.  He stated that Mr. Huang does not shy away from praise of this younger artist, who is 20 years younger than him.  He believes that young artists should also actively participate in world charity activities. Mr. Huang hoped that Mr. Wang's award will inspire younger artists to get involved in public welfare and charity activities.  Mr. Huang also congratulated Mr. Wang again for his award.

Approaching 12 o'clock, the "LABA Icon Charity Awards" ceremony of the LABA International Arts Festival finally ended successfully.

LABA Icon Charity Awards

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TV host Joey Zhou at Galerie Michael

Beverly Hills, California, USA. 3rd December, 2021. TV host and founder of the Los Angeles Beverly Arts, Joey Zhou, visited the Galerie Micheal on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills as a followup to the appraisals that were provided for three artworks by LABA Blue-chip artist Jiannan Huang. Three artworks were appraised by Sara Mokhtari, a fine art expert, with a collective value of $3 million US dollars. Mokhtari has worked with galleries and auction houses around the world.

Galerie Michael is a world-renowned art gallery that specializes in paintings, drawings, and prints from the great European Masters of the 17th to 20th centuries. The gallery encompasses over 12,000 square feet and features works from Rembrandt, Picasso, Renoir, Dalí, Miró, Matisse, Chagall, and luminaries from the Pre-Impressionist, 19th century Barbizon School.

TV host Joey Zhou at Galerie Michael

TV host Joey Zhou at Galerie Michael with Rembrandt artwork

TV host Joey Zhou at Galerie Michael with Salador Dali artwork

TV host Joey Zhou at Galerie Michael

TV host Joey Zhou at Galerie Michael

After his visit to Galerie Michael, Joey Zhou went to The Maybourne Beverly Hills (formerly the Montage Hotel) to enjoy some wine and a cappaccino at their outdoor Terrace Restaurant.

TV host Joey Zhou at The Maybourne Beverly Hills

TV host Joey Zhou at The Maybourne Beverly Hills

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Original author: Joey Zhou

Music Compilation: Joey Zhou - YouTube Link:

Painting by LABA Blue-chip Artist Jiannan Huang

Author's Note: "Fame and fortune" are the saddest hurdles in life. Money can bring you happiness and pain. As the Chinese saying goes, "People die for money, and birds die for food". This Chinese saying can be understood in the "present progressive tense", in the "past tense", and even more in the "future tense". It is particularly profound to think about it. Only after the hurdle of "fame and fortune" can we be considered to know true life. The whole solace of the poem "Confession Times" comes from a logic: "There is a kind of goodbye to myself."

Bitcoin’s rise to the skies or the happy happiness both pulled out the Declaration of Independence of the distributed ledger,

Jianghu are sinister, constantly confessing and comforting to restore the long-lost difference.

Turning the stone into gold is a waste of the hands of the gods, and it is the background of human nature that extends good and evil.

Consolation is the progression of confession, and farewell is the unchanging logic.

Farewell without confession is a kind of Zen sentiment, farewell without comfort is a quiet farewell.

To break, to give up, to leave is just a helpless separation, confession and comfort is to cherish the separation.

Painting by LABA Blue-chip Artist Jiannan Huang

Tonight and the moon, a few sighs,

When is the affection, the grace is cut off.

In the dream, thousands of times and hundreds of revolutions accomplish solace again and again.

Mom's confession became a farewell, and father's confession was separated into the purest background of the past.

The tears were strung in the eyes and gathered in the clouds,

The sound of rain and thunder awakened the white snow in the Rocky Mountains,

At this moment, no one knows about this scene.

There is a kind of blood that swallows the past and cheers,

Toast a cup of heaven, toast a cup of ground,

Salute yourself,

Say goodbye.

Painting by LABA Blue-chip Artist Jiannan Huang

Note: Jianghu is a Chinese word that literally means "rivers and lakes" but also refers to the subculture of the Chinese martial arts community.

Written on Thanksgiving Day, November 25, 2021, Los Angeles.

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