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Wenkang Xue - Award-Winning Interior Designer

Wenkang Xue is accomplished designer who has won many awards for his work and has been recognized internationally as one of the top designers in the world. One of his best known projects is the Emerald Minghui Golf Practice Court, Bihai Bay in Shenzhen, China. It is a golf club where people can go to practice golf and enjoy the luxury of a health club with rich amenities and relaxed Southeast Asia interior design.

The golf practicing range features a lush green surface that is optimized for golf and is located in the Bihai Bay Golf Club, West Village, Baoan District, Shenzhen, at the intersection of the Qianhai Development Zone and the Airport. The project took one year to complete and involved extensive research and coordination with the owner of the golf club to design and plan the project.

The primary materials used in the project were: Teak Wood, Emerald Green Marble, Pearly Yellow Marble, Jade, Agate Jade, Sport Plastic Floor, Mosaic, Copper Partition, Stainless Steel, and a Tensioned Membrane Structure. There was great attention to detail, including the ceilings and stairways, to make the club an elegant, yet comfortable location to relax and enjoy practicing golf.

Wenkang Xue is currently the Design Director and Chairman of Grand Hyatt Architectural Decoration Engineering Co., LTD and also the General Manager of Honghe Liansheng

Decoration Engineering Co., LTD.



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