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"Using Silence and Distance to Achieve a Kind of Eternity" - Rémy Aron

Recommended by First LABA Blue-chip Artist ~ Jiannan Huang Editor: Joey Zhou

Artist Rémy Aron at his art studio in France

Rémy Aron, a French artist, has devoted himself to the exploration and creation of easel painting for many years and enjoys a high reputation in the French art circle. His work, mainly composed of still lifes, landscapes and human figures, has been exhibited in France and around the world since 1974. Born April 16, 1952 in Suresnes, France, Rémy Aron graduated from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, and has many accomplishments: Laureate of the French Knights of the Order of Letters and Arts, Foreign researcher at China National Academy of Painting, President of the French Association of Plastic Artists (AFAP), Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Paris, France, Former President of the French Artists Association, UNESCO Treasurer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Grand Mercure Brand Alliance in Paris, France.

Artist Rémy Aron works on a painting

Rémy Aron's creative approach is both cubist and abstract. He insisted that painters should establish connections within a limited space and create a poetic space, and this creative concept has wide-ranging influence. His style of painting has strong and simple colors, and the rough brushwork has formed a special aesthetic feeling.

Painting by Rémy Aron

Rémy Aron states, "I believe that the non-off-the-shelf meaning of modern art cannot replace the existence of mainstream on-the-shelf meaning. The completeness and precision of the work fully reflects the neatness and stability, the profound melancholy and the indescribable nostalgic atmosphere, which constantly draws the thoughts to the past, which are the thoughts of nostalgia for the real or imagined artist's soul.

Painting by Rémy Aron

In the process of creation, we are all pursuing the same thing, that is, the unity of the self, the unity of the self and the universe, and all objects, but in fact we have never really found this unity. The only thing we can be sure of is the border of the frame, that is, the frame is so big, you can't go beyond it, that's the foundation of everything. For the painter, the boundary is the starting point and the end point of his work, not only the basis of all his work, but also the basis of his freedom. I believe this is the greatest secret of art that I stand for.

Painting by Rémy Aron

There are issues of boundaries and limitations of art here, no matter the size of the painting, for example, whether you draw a sketch on a piece of paper, the principle is the same, it is the border. This is a cosmic rule that cannot be overcome. Then there are geometry, color, lines, etc. in the border. In my creative life, or on the same day, sometimes I feel more like Impressionism, sometimes I feel close to Cezanne and Cubism, or Lorraine, or Rembrandt, or Balthus, or Corot, or Chardin, or Goya, or Velazquez, or like Turner, I can say a lot more, or Gauguin, or... what do we have, We have nature on the one hand, masters on the other, and then the composition, but we have nothing else.

Painting by Rémy Aron

Each piece is like an arena, like boxing, a new adventure. We are not producing these batches of products, but each painting is the "this one" we are after, we are fully devoted to these colors, these compositions, and an adventure in these spaces. Therefore, I often come out of the painting with bruises all over my body, a state of complete defeat, a state of complete defeat, and we are not going to the studio to produce a product. The studio is actually a Colosseum, a place of life and death duels.

Painting by Rémy Aron

Who is Remy? Maybe no one will know who I am until I die. Because I have no way to define my style, I can only say that the past has passed, the future has not yet happened, and I am still on the battlefield. If there is any style, it can only be known after the coffin is covered. That is, who I am is the central question of making art, and we try to be who we are. It can be said that my painting creation is developing in an unpremeditated direction.

Artist Rémy Aron

So who am I, this is an eternal question, and this is a question that I need to explore forever. It can only be said that someone else can answer this question after I die, because the dust has settled.

Painting by Rémy Aron Actually, for me, Rembrandt is the most important thing about his prints. In my opinion his prints are the pinnacle of human art. Formally speaking, when we do artistic expression, we need to know who we are and what we want to do and what we want to be. In the use of color and tone, and the use of paper, I pay more attention to the tone, rather than the change of color. My feeling for painting is more expressed in light and shade, focusing on the difference between light and no light. Variety. I believe the composition I am looking for is a unity of light and dark, both light and dark. At this point, Rembrandt's mastery of light and shade is masterful and top-notch. I copied many of his prints, and I also asked my students to copy them, and more often they copied them in reverse. What he paints, thereby extracting the organization of modeling, the organization of pure light and shade. Focus on its contrast of light and dark, which is very important for training and understanding of the whole abstraction, and the meaning of this kind of graphics can also be learned and mastered.

Painting by Rémy Aron

Van Gogh's greatest contribution is the innovation of color and form, and the organization of space through these forms, such as from his "Bedroom", and "Portrait of Father Donji", we can see that he was inspired by Japanese prints. Inspiration, including color space and proportions.

Painting by Rémy Aron You mentioned just now that someone once said that I seek spatial consistency in my work. Indeed, the pursuit of spatial consistency is a very important starting point for me. The feeling of space is an important trend in the development of painting in the 19th century. It found that the current reality has thickness and depth. This is a discovery with different depths of field. So how to express this depth of field with movement or direction, composition, or color is of great significance to me."

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