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TV Host Joey Zhou Visits Spruill House Music School with Singer/Vocal Coach Stephanie Spruill

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Singer/vocal coach Stephanie Spruill and TV host Joey Zhou at House of Spruill Music.

Altadena, California, USA. 21st December, 2021. TV host Joey Zhou, who originally came from China, decided to get some assistance for improving his English diction and speaking skills from renowned singer/vocal coach Stephanie Spruill, at her Spruill House Music School and Artist Development studio in Altadena, California. Spruill welcomed him and Zhou presented her with a gift made by Los Angeles Beverly Arts (LABA) Blue-chip artist Jiannan Huang, a beautiful silk scarf with a vibrant pattern of one his paintings. Zhou connected them together by video conference, and Spruill graciously thanked Huang, who was located his art studio in Beijing, China.

Stephanie Spruill is a native of Los Angeles, and the founder of Spruill House Music School of Music and Artist Development. Stephanie is a singer/songwriter, master vocal coach, percussionist, producer, and the author of the book “17 Points To Longevity In Show Business.” Stephanie won The Global Peace Awards for her original song “Shine” from her latest Jazz CD, “It’s A Jazz Day.” She has completed over 1,400 recordings, and has Grammy Awards, Gold, and Platinum albums to her credits. Spruill has recorded with well-known artists including Michael Jackson, Julio Iglesias, Aretha Franklin, Donald Byrd, Elton John, and Quincy Jones. She has performed at the The White House in Washington D.C., as well as for many dignitaries and royalty around the world.

Singer/vocal coach Stephanie Spruill and TV host Joey Zhou talk with LABA Blue-chip artist Jiannan Huang.

Stephanie Spruill displays the beautiful silk scarf while Joey Zhou communicates with Jiannan Huang in Beijing, China.

Jiannan Huang (iPhone video conference) was delighted to meet Stephanie Spruill and have an opportunity for an international exchange with a famous American music artist.

Stephanie Spruill graciously thanks Jiannan Huang while Joey Zhou translates between them.

It was time for the lesson and Zhou arrived at the studio ready to work on reducing his accent and improving on his English diction and speaking skills. The walls of her studio are lined with Gold and Platinum records and the many impressive awards she has received from her years in the music industry.

Joey Zhou points to one of the many honors and awards Stephanie Spruill has received during her successful career in the music industry.

Joey Zhou studies his speech and notes as he works to improve his English pronunciation and delivery skills.

Joey Zhou practices his vowels as a part of his vocal training session with Stephanie Spruill.

Stephanie Spruill and Joey Zhou have some fun after his session for some impromptu singing and dancing.



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