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The 36th Huading Awards: Film, Art and the Mission of Peace

The 36th Huading Awards for Global Film and Television Arts at the Avalon Theater in Hollywood, California.

Hollywood, California, USA. 31st March, 2023. The 36th Huading Awards for Global Film and Television Arts held an awards ceremony at the Avalon Theater in Hollywood, California. The Huading Awards honors globally recognized actors, actresses, films, television programs and producers for their accomplishments in the entertainment industry.

Among the winners in the global category, the film "All Quiet on the Western Front" won the Best Picture award, Michelle Yeoh won the Best Actress award, and Brendan Fraser won the Best Actor award. For television, Better Call Saul won the Best TV Series award, Kristos Andrews won the TV Series Best Actor award, and Mai Davika Hoorne won the TV Series Best Actress award.

Actor Kristos Andrews (L) and another award winner

The 36th Global Film and Television Art Huading Awards was chaired by Bill Mechanic, former CEO of Fox Film Company, and former Chairman of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Oscar Awards Jury). The judges include Robert Minkoff, director of The Lion King, Nicholas Meyer, Emmy-nominated director, David Russell, well-known director, Herb Jordan, Grammy-nominated music producer, music composer, music publisher and author, American film composer, Kim Estes, filmmaker, and directors Shelley Curtis-Litvack and Roberta Bassin. But the guest who attracted the most attention at the award ceremony was none other than Chinese-American youth Brandon Tsai, who fought heroically with the gunman during the mass shooting in Monterey Park, located in Los Angeles County, in January this year, preventing a greater tragedy from happening.

Haige Wang, Huading Awards Chairman and Bill Mechanic, Huading Awards Jury Chairman

The theme of the awards ceremony was peace, and in their speeches, Huading Award Chairman Haige Wang and Brandon Cai expressed that the Chinese and American people want peace and desire exchanges, and hope that the people of the two countries can understand each other like filmmakers. As a world language, film will definitely become a bond that promotes friendship and strengthens peace more powerfully.

The Huading Awards were founded in 2007 by the Huading Awards Group. The awards aim to promote China's arts and filmmaking, spread Chinese culture, and help bridge the gap between the Asian and global entertainment industries. The awards are the highest honor for celebrities with reputations among global audiences, and award shows featuring different themes including film, TV shows, music, and fashion. The Huading Awards, created by Haige Wang, are one of the most influential entertainment awards in Asia, with past honorees that have included Nicole Kidman, Orlando Bloom, Halle Berry, Quentin Tarantino, and many others.

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