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"Seem" - A Poem

Author: Joey Zhou

Music: YouTube Link

Author's Note: As soon as I went out today, I saw thin clouds arranged quietly and orderly in the west. When I got home and went for a run, I could smell the fragrance of flowers from the orange trees on both sides of the street. The abundant sunshine in California makes all kinds of fruits during the four seasons. And what's more, the fruit trees also bloom with fragrant flowers. So the fictional poem, "Seem."


The clouds in the west are quietly waiting for the dusk,


The land in the east extends heavily to the horizon,


I have never met you, why do I search for you in my memories when it rains?


I have never heard your voice, why do I find you in the gurgling brook?

Heaven reincarnates,

Always blending the clouds and mountains together, and keeping a proper distance from each other when the sky is clear,

The return of spring,

Always will the fruit-bearing orange tree overflow with sweet-smelling white flowers;


When the moon was hanging, I began to think about the lives of you and me.


In the familiar streets, there are always your footsteps and the fragrance of orange blossoms, and your never-ending phantom.

Far away, far away,


It's getting closer, it's getting closer!

It seems that everything is in the story of enjoying the fragrance of the moment.

Written in the early morning of February 29, 2020 in Los Angeles.

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