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Petra Eiko is Nominated for a Los Angeles Beverly Arts (LABA) Icon Award

Artist Petra Eiko

Los Angeles, California, USA. 7th March, 2022. Artist Petra Eiko is an observer of life and energy and her work shows the force, power, and feeling of life that rises within us. Eiko’s focus is on reverse paintings, sculptural three-dimensional pieces, and installations. Her installations, objects, and paintings tell stories and make connections within the collective mind. She has a special way of mirroring our surroundings using plexiglass as a media.

Petra Eiko was born in West Germany after World War II, and lived through the defeat and division of her country. The issues of separation of families, together with her awareness and observation of the conditioning propaganda of the Eastern Regime, and the danger of opposition against this communistic system, impacted her early life and later her creativity.

Petra Eiko

"My work reflects on observations, questions around life affairs, political and environmental systems, inner spaces, and universal possibilities. I work with the spaces in between, behind the trained and conditioned physical eye and comprehension. My work and projects are targeted to specifically invoke conversations and discussions and mirroring realities, focusing on connection between people, society, cultures, and diverse backgrounds," states Eiko.

Petra Eiko

One her projects, "no comment" is the conclusion of a performance and series of photos that show the emotional state and struggle of “Niemand” (nobody) in our newest and unstable times. The project started in fall of 2019 and tells the story of our self-inflicted world in our society and in ourselves, consequently bouncing back to us in many facets and multiple levels of our consciousness. As she states, "The stillness of confinement that came with the pandemic early 2020, left me with the sound and perception of nature, directing my awareness more than ever before to the fact, that nature will move on without human population". This “re-visit” of thought led her to the creation of a short video called: “humanature” combining "Niemand's" conflicts within another world, the world of nature that lives with us, beside us, for us, but forever lives as its own entity.



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