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Newport Hope Lions Club Launches in Orange County with Inaugural Ceremony

Updated: Apr 13

Mayor Yanyu Ding delivers a speech to the audience

Newport Beach, California, USA. 8th April, 2023. The Newport Hope Lions Club was launched in Orange County with an inaugural ceremony held at the Renaissance Newport Beach Hotel in Newport Beach, California. The founding president, Dr. Debby Jou, led the leadership team to officially take office, with around 200 guests attending the event. The inauguaral ceremony was presided over by the host, Lin Kunrong, Lions Club International D4-L4, Director John Schroeder, and well-known hosts Yang Yang and Jimmy Hope.

Eileen Wang, Councilmember, City of Arcadia, speaks to the audience

Elected officials and representatives included: Phillip Chen, California State Assembly; Mike Fong, California State Assembly; Lien Tran & Chantelle Labowe, Representative for Mayor of Irvine, Farrah N. Khan; Tony Ding, Mayor of San Gabriel; Eric Ching, Mayor of the City of Walnut; Andrew Sarega, Mayor of the City of La Mirada; Samuel Kang: Mayor of the City of Duarte, Eileen Wang, Councilmember for the City of Arcadia, and others.

Lions Clubs members and organizations included: International D4-L4 Director, Craig Durand; DGE Drew Sasser D4-L4; Kurt Bensworth, Tustin Host Lions Club President Zone C Chair; Mark Piva, Area GAT Leader 1B PDG; Loyce Mejias, Ontario-Upland Lions Club; Scott Quinlan, second Vice District Governor of District D4L4; Eric Cheung, 2nd Vice District A1; Derek Moore, Past Zone Chair, Los Angeles Dynasty Lions Club President; J. Tseng, Temple City Centennial Lions Club-President; Jenny Chia and other Lions club representatives.

Host Yang Yang, LABA founder Joey Zhou, Newport Hope Lions Club founder Dr.Debby Jou, Connie Kang, host Jimmy Hope

Dr. Debby Jou (center) and attendees

The Newport Hope Lions Club was established by Dr. Debby Jou with the joint efforts of over 50 Chinese and community leaders in Los Angeles. Newport Hope Lions Club is the first Chinese Lions Club in the Orange County/Newport Beach area. It received strong support from major community organizations and elected officials from various cities across Los Angeles. With members composed of professionals from all walks of life, they will serve the Chinese community and uphold the purpose and traditions of the Lions Club.

Joey Zhou presents a gift of calligraphy artwork by LABA Blue-chip artist Jiannan Huang

Joey Zhou, the founding chairman of Los Angeles Beverly Arts (LABA) and the LABA International Art Festival, attended the meeting on behalf of the organizing committee to express his congratulations with a gift of calligraphy artwork by LABA Blue-chip artist Jiannan Huang. Jiannan Huang is a renowned artist in China, and the rotating chairman of LABA International Art Festival. The translation of the calligraphy work is "The Way of Perfection." Zhou also sent the blessing, "The great way is always harmony,“ to the newly established Lions Club and its founder, Dr. Debby Jou.

LABA Blue-chip artist Jiannan Huang

After the ceremony, there were cultural performances: opera singing, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Mongolian princess Manshu Yiliqi; classical fan dance, Eternal Love Huayi Song and Dance Troupe; herdsmen's new flute, Zhu Hongqian; Yangqin,Chen Yichang; erhu, Xiangqin; pipa, Song Wei & Zeng Xiangyu; Goodbye! Dear, Umbrella Dance, Jiangnan Yuhua Song and Dance Troupe; Just Ordinary, Wang Lei/Joyce Lin; Horse Racing Erhu, Xiang Qin; Good Morning Longhui,

Wang Lei; Cheongsam Dancing Woman Flower, Huayi Song and Dance Troupe; Karaoke/Ballroom Dance, and other wonderful programs.

Dr. Debby Jou with some of the performers

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