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"May in Los Angeles" - A Poem

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Author: Joey Zhou

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This poem about the month of May in Los Angeles was created in 2017. It is actually a lyrical poem with a narrative, meaning there is also a story being told. The narrative is the plot between the hero and the heroine in the poem, and has over four scene transitions. The line "I can't believe the brown tears at night" refers to the heroine with brown eyes, while the line "a girl named May is cute among patinas" refers to an imaginary female that is part of the atmosphere. In the phrase "separate pain, like a bloody bite" the author describes the pain of a broken heart. Although short narrative poems are far from pure poems, if the author expands them, they can become novel poems where the story is told in verse rather than prose. The opening of the poem is reversed at the end, reflecting the author's own "neoclassical style".

Paris orange lipstick shimmers in a Beverly Hills store

Along the street, white roses indulge in May, a few strands of beauty

And Gucci fragrance, touching, reflecting the handsome

Instant space restores the skin and restores the sexy.

Missing in May, like a coyote at night, foraging

Always calms down

Personal love is like hunger, the fear is terrifying, in the cold wind, lonely and arrogant

How many times have you ever wanted to use compassion, embrace love, and separate pain, like a bloody bite.

Imagine like every second, the face is pink, escape into the chaos of red wine

Drink montage...

Standing on the roof of the Millennium Hotel, looking down, not drunk or returning, legs trembling

Drunk with another dimension...

The national flag swaying the peace of the Four Seasons

How many moments have been missed,

The wind slowly...

I can’t believe the brown tears at night, I continue to watch the noble seat, the transparent ice cup is filled with ice cream, exuding the charming limit of vanilla

How many times have I chosen between licking and kissing...

Drunk, drunk, stepping into the hotel in May

A girl named May is cute

Between patinas,

A hundred years of porch, a hundred years of seats

A hundred years of flavor, a hundred years of foundation,

All return, return again...

Come on, Los Angeles!

Come on, May youth like Los Angeles!

Written in the early morning of April 15, 2017.



Karen Cantrell
Karen Cantrell

Another Amazing poem by Mr. Joey Zhou

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