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Lydia Hong Chen, LABA Light Art Advisor, Exhibits at Shenzhen Railway Real Estate Group

Light Artist Lydia Hong Chen and guests

On April 12th, 2023, the multimedia art space of Shenzhen Railway Real Estate was unveiled at the Shenzhen Railway Real Estate City Reception Hall, with the theme "Eastern Art: Light and Shadow". The event featured a fusion of multimedia installations and holographic projections to display several national treasures, such as "Rivers and Mountains in Autumn Colors" and "Han Xi Zai’s Night Banquet”, providing visitors with an immersive and three-dimensional "super-realistic" experience.

Light Artist Lydia Hong Chen

The opening ceremony was attended by several esteemed guests, including Liang Yu, Chairman of the Shenzhen Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Li Yawei, Chairman of the Shenzhen Film and Television Association, Liu Hong, Party Secretary of Shenzhen University, Meng Jianmin, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Cao Zhuo, Dean of the Architecture Design Institute of Shenzhen University, and Zheng Zhong, Chairman of the Hong Kong-based CCD Architecture Design Firm.

Light Artist Lydia Hong Chen and guests

To mark the occasion, Lydia Hong Chen, a renowned singer, visual artist, urban aesthetics promoter and curator, was interviewed by Sina Shenzhen. She spoke on her evolution from a singer to documentary maker and eventually to a multimedia digital visual artist. Chen revealed that she took an interest in multimedia visual art during her studies in the United States, where she was exposed to several multimedia pieces that had made an impact on the international stage. She also shared her experiences in learning digital art, including encountering difficulties while creating the multimedia installation at the Shenzhen Railway Real Estate building. Despite these challenges, Chen believes that such difficulties only serve to push artists to perform better, and is proud to have contributed to the prestige of Chinese artists.

Light Artist Lydia Hong Chen and guests

Chen has also established her own art museum in Shenzhen, the Yuanjie Art Museum, and serves as the art advisor of Shenzhen Railway Real Estate Group, dedicating herself towards developing multimedia digital visual art in the Shenzhen subway and real estate sectors, thus turning the city’s subway system into a state-of-the-art space that bridges virtual and reality.

Light Artist Lydia Hong Chen and guests

Over the past thirty years, Chen has transformed from a household name in China's music scene to a documentary filmmaker and ultimately to a multimedia digital visual artist, marked by an unyielding spirit of constant learning, innovation, and self-challenge. She encourages women to bravely challenge themselves and achieve extraordinary success, as seen in her own remarkable career.

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