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"Los Angeles in April" - A Poem

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Author: Joey Zhou

Translated from original Chinese version


Laughing at passersby

Flying around, chewing on the stamens;


As free as the wind

Arrogant and lazy decorating the street;


Get a tattoo

The arms of "loyal" exude unpleasant marijuana;

The sun jets out and drowns all promises,

Pasadena showed the hideousness of the old money.

The drunk girl laughed wildly...

The green skirt remembers the emerald green of Acadia and the creeks on the mountain and the clear water in the creeks;

Beverly's designer store murdered singing,

Only the mother’s arms hold cuteness and purity;

Escape into the city or see empty doors,

All pedestrians and vehicles clamored and rushed;

Pause is the truth,

All by the blue sky and white clouds.

The twilight has covered the beach,

Farewell to Huntington, Farewell to the coast.

Who hid in the theater?

Holding flowers

Waiting for you, waiting for me or her?

The screen has evolved into a beast

The beast embossed beauty

The dance had a clumsy performance.

Take a sip of H2O

Swallowed his own lines of poetry

"Los Angeles in April"

Like a bee....

Written in Los Angeles - April 2017



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