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La Chaîne des Rôtisseurs of Beverly Hills Holds Banquet at Pink Moon Restaurant

Updated: May 23

Sir Laurent Khaiat, Bailli (President) of the Beverly Hills Chapter of Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, Yukiko Minami, TV host Joey Zhou, José Luis Nazar, Frank Eguchi, and Kathleen Martinez-Nazar (Photo courtesy Joey Zhou)

Beverly Hills, California, USA. 18th May, 2024. The banquet for the Beverly Hills Chapter of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs was held at the Pink Moon Restaurant, located in Beverly Hills. The Chaîne des Rôtisseurs is the world’s oldest food and wine society, tracing its roots back to 1248. Today, it has a membership of 25,000 individuals worldwide, and caters to those from all walks of life who share an appreciation for fine wine and cuisine.

Members and guests at the Pink Moon Restaurant

The members and guests enjoyed a specially curated, 6-course menu prepared by Chef Jack Hao, an award-winning, Michelin-starred chef, who is best known his neoclassical style of gourmet Chinese cuisine. The evening began with champagne, red carpet, and camaraderie, and the meal courses were followed by pairings of wine, featuring sake (rice wine) from Uka Sake, a company who hand crafts their sake in Japan with organic rice from California. As a grand finale to the evening, José Luis Nazar, a 30-year member of the Beverly Hills Chapter and owner of the Houdini Estate, shared a very old bottle of wine, a 1795 Madeira.

Masa Baba, creative director for Uka Sake, holds a bottle of Uka Sake "Black Label" sake

Some of the guests included director/filmmaker Harrison Engle, musician James Se Hwang Kim, one of South Korea's top guitarists, Jacky Zhang, President of Euro-Americas-China Investment Promotion Association, producer Douglas Ivanovich, and interior architect/designer Sandra Costa.

Musician James Se Hwang Kim, producer Douglas Ivanovich, and member Karissa Yson Ricshall

Cleo Chen, Jacky Zhang, President of Euro-Americas-China Investment Promotion Association, and TV host Joey Zhou, founder of the Los Angeles Beverly Arts (LABA)

Participating in the evening presentation were Sir Laurent Khaiat, President of the Beverly Hills Chapter of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, and TV host Joey Zhou, the newly appointed Vice Chargé des Missions of the Beverly Hills Chapter. Zhou received his certificate from Khaiat and gave a short speech to thank everyone. The new members of the Beverly Hills Chapter were announced and included Professor Lingyun Xiang and producer/filmmaker Tina Liu.

TV host Joey Zhou, holds his certificate that he received from Sir Laurent Khaiat, Bailli (President) of the Beverly Hills Chapter of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs

About Pink Moon Restaurant

Pink Moon is newly opened restaurant, featuring an Asian-inspired menu and neoclassical gourmet cuisine. The award-winning chef received a 3-star Michelin rating in China, and enjoys creating new and creative dishes that are a fusion of traditional and modern styles. Pink Moon Restaurant is located in Beverly Hills, next to Beverly Cañon Gardens and the Maybourne Hotel. In addition to serving lunch and dinner, they have a late night lounge that serves cocktails, wines, and fabulous specialty drinks. The address is 235 N. Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA. 90210.

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