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"Inertia" - A Poem

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Author: Joey Zhou Translated from Original Chinese poem Music - Link to YouTube:

Inertia, It can be autumn leaves, bleak and lonely, like petals floating on the water. Inertia, It can be wind and rain, or thunder and lightning. Inertia, It can be a pot of white phalaenopsis next to the lamp, which is elegant, fresh and refined, or can be resentful and long-lasting. Inertia, It can be sorrow, grief, loneliness, dejection, withering, and even death. Inertia, It can also be kindness, happiness, intoxication, excitement, bravery, or can be like setting sail and spreading wings.

Inertia, It can be annotated rebirth.

Written on October, 25th, 2021


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