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"How to Face the Challenges Posed by the Pandemic" - An International Connection Interview

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Joey Zhou with paintings by Jiannan Huang

Los Angeles, California, USA. 17th June, 2021. TV host Joey Zhou hosted an international connection interview with guests participating from three different time zones by video conference - the theme was "How to Face the Challenges Brought by the Pandemic". The interview began at 9 am in Los Angeles, with artist Jiannan Huang connecting from Beijing, China (12:00am) and Olympic medalist Donghua Li from Switzerland (6:00pm). Joey Zhou is founder of The Beverly Arts, the "Zhou Zheng Art Channel", the Los Angeles Beverly Arts (LABA) International Art Festival and The Beverly Arts Online Exhibition, and the Beverly News.

Jiannan Huang from Beijing, China

Jiannan Huang

Mr. Jiannan Huang is an internationally renowned artist and oil painter, ranking 19th in the world and 3rd in China. His artwork sells for very high prices, and he has a strong following in Asia, Europe, and America. Huang is also the chief representative of overseas artists for the 2022 Winter Olympics to be held in Beijing, China, and has appeared on many live TV shows in China, with many attracting over 300 million viewers. He is a LABA International Art Festival blue chip artist, Senior Consultant for The Beverly Arts, and well-known for his charity work. In the past year, he has produced many new paintings, participated in art exhibitions, and has continued his charity work to help others during the pandemic.

Donghua Li, 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist

Donghua Li

Mr. Donghua Li is an athlete who competed for Switzerland in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games and won the gold medal for the pommel horse in gymnastics. He is also a World Champion and holds championship titles in China, Europe, and other places. He is a Senior Consultant for the LABA International Art Festival. Since the outbreak of the pandemic this year, he has opened a new chapter in his life and is producing a TV feature about called the "Donghua Li Challenge Tour and Interview".

Tina Shih, New Silk Road Industry Group

Tina Shih

Ms. Tina Shih has had a long time career in the modeling and beauty industry in Los Angeles. She is known as the godmother of the Los Angeles Asian model, and is the founder of China's New Silk Road Industry Group, New Silk Road (International). IAPA appraised her as the winner of the Best Model Instructor Award, and she is also a Senior Consultant of LABA International Art Festival. She has continued her work in the beauty industry and has been participating in beauty pageants.

The guests had a lively conversation about their experiences during the pandemic, how they were meeting the challenges, and preparing for the upcoming year as things open up an return to normal again. At the end of the interview, they all joined Joey Zhou for a toast to success in the upcoming year.

Joey Zhou talks to guests by video conference on his iPad

Joey Zhou is gets ready for a champagne toast

Joey Zhou and his online guests share a toast together

Joey Zhou doing an interview with media

The co-producers participating in the live online interview, "How to Face the Challenges of the Epidemic", were: The Beverly Arts, Beverly News Network, "Interview with Zhou Zheng", "Zhou Zheng Art Channel", LABA International Art Festival, United Nations Association of the USA, Inland Empire, Royal Society of St. George, California Branch, and the US Art Bank.



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