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Hope Center's Dr. Debby Jou Donates Five Million Child Protection Kits to the Community for Free

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Los Angeles, California, USA. 21nd April, 2022. In response to the re-introduction of the "Indoor Mask Order", Dr. Debby Jou, a well-known philanthropist at the Hope Center in Southern California, recently ordered five million sets of children's brand-name protective health care kits and is donating them to nearby residents and children for free. The indoor mask order goes into effective on Friday, April 22, and all travelers on public transportation in Los Angeles County, including buses, trains, taxis and ride-hailing vehicles, will be once again required to wear masks. The order will also require masks in all indoor waiting areas, including airports and bus stops, and applies to everyone ages 2 and older, regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status.

Dr. Debby Jou, Founder and President of Hope Center

The health care packs are produced by BYD Company. Each health care package includes 10 individually packaged disposable children's masks, a pack of 25 antibacterial wipes, and a bottle of hand sanitizer. There are 20 packs in a box.

Health packs with masks, hand sanitizer, for children

The health packs were delivered to the parking lot and warehouse of Dr. Debby Jou’s company. Various charities and non-profit organizations in Los Angeles, including corporate groups and individuals, have been coming to receive the donations for their community.

The health packs are delivered to the parking lot at Dr. Debby Jou's company for distribution

People in the community can go to 400 E. Live Oak Ave., Arcadia, CA 91006, fill out a form, and get a health pack for free.

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