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"Flying through the Quark" - A Poem

Author: Joey Zhou

Note: A quark is a fundamental unit of matter that doesn't break down into others and is considered to be one the basic particles of the human soul.

Flying through the quark,

The dancing fingers continue to tremble...

I cried day and night and chanted words just to make prayers.

God oh god,

Even though we humans have a thousand sins, the lives of the creatures have reached the limit of punishment.

Is it too much?

I never dared to blame, God! I only wish to bow down to you 10,000 times! Let you let you hear my voice in the piety I pray for.

The tears were running dry, and the voice became hoarse,

I even called your name in my dreams and hallucinations:

God oh god!

If the soul must be taken away to save all living beings, then let me go through the quarks.

If you have to follow you in order to save all beings,

Take it, my soul!

And my only life.



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