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"Entangled Quantum Returns to the Galaxy - Love" - A Poem

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Author: Joey Zhou

Translated by Joey Zhou from his original Chinese poem

Music selection by Joey Zhou: YouTube Link -

Artwork: Paintings by LABA Blue-Chip Artist Jiannan Huang

Painting by Jiannan Huang


After the hand reaches out from the soul;


After the soul returns to the mother body;


After the mother body returns to the earth. . .

"At this moment, this minute, this second"

Only the horizon rises for a burst of blood. . .

Painting by Jiannan Huang

Endless countdown

How could it be a reverie?

Unobstructed reverie

How can I pursue it all my life?

"The soul is out of the body beautifully"

at last,

All cells

Return in the blood,

All return

Connected to the beauty of the butterfly!!!

Painting by Jiannan Huang

Saw. . .

"Whether it is the sky or the earth"

"Fluttering wings all over the sky"

Fly and fly. . .

Those dazzling flying

And the tremor in the flight completes the cosmic marginal effect again and again!


The butterfly fluttered its wings again,


The wings return to the soul,


The soul returns to the earth again!

Painting by Jiannan Huang


2 billion light-years over there

There was a burst of singing. . .

La la la la la la la la la. . . !

Poem written on 07/1/2018


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