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"Dream Angel" - An Absurb Novel

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

Author: Joey Zhou

Translated from Chinese: Joey Zhou Music: YouTube link -

Author's Tip: "When I posted the Chinese version of this 'absurd novel' to my Chinese readership, I didn't tell them that it was actually a real story that I encountered in reality. When I was delayed by a friend's child on my way home, I suddenly felt some inexplicable emotions when I was half-drunk and half-awake. So I went home and wrote this novel. Children are not only the best at distinguishing right from wrong, but also between good and evil! The reality and the past may not exist, but in the eyes of a child, the reality and the past are not absurd."

One of the worst sentences that I've heard recently: “The past does not exist. I was "Googling" the explanation for this sentence and came across an even more bizarre sentence: “Reality doesn't exist either. So, I tried my best to enter yesterday's dream, gulping down the wine from my previous life and wanting to get drunk... One cup, two cups, three cups until the third century BC. Finally, I can't find directions, I can't find myself, and I can't find myself in reality and reality. So I wrote clean and clear words in lines: "Dark night Time has been ground into coffee Delivered tomorrow Tomorrow The grapes have been turned into wine Drunk dream Dream Tear up all memories Left in pieces... Fragments Are the only touch Yesterday... Yesterday, Never will Suddenly Reappearing... ................................ ................................ ................................ It turns out that all yesterday was just the company of the countdown...!" When I staggered and tried to leave the dream of yesterday and try to return to reality, an angel blocked my way back: "You have to take away the lights on the seaside before you can leave, otherwise you will not be able to return to the future!" This time, I didn't cry in my dreams at all...

(Written in Diamond Bar on July 4, 2018)

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