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Cheers to the Winter Olympics 2022 with an Artist's Brush - Jiannan Huang

Artist Jiannan Huang with International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach, IOC Vice President Yu Zaiqing at the IOC headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland

At the beginning of 2020, the novel coronavirus broke out in China and later became a global epidemic. At the same time, the "Cheers for the Olympics" organizing committee was preparing for preparing for the "Cheers for the Olympics" New Year event in Lausanne, Switzerland at the International Olympic Committee (IOC) headquarters. Jiannan Huang, the General Consultant of Overseas Art was there to guide the artwork for the event. Hearing of the outbreak of the coronavirus, Huang, who has studied medicine, advised the committee members to take extra care to protect themselves and to obtain personal protective equipment (PPE) before returning home.

"Warm Winter" - Jiannan Huang

For many years, Huang has been committed to charity work. He has donated dozens of paintings in the name of public welfare, and even set up charity auctions and donations. When the pandemic broke out, he was even more generous. As the overseas art consultant for the "Cheers for the Olympics", Huang participated in the launch of the "Cheers for the Olympics - Permanent Love Action". He not only created art work related to the war against the epidemic, but also coordinated social forces to help fight it, including arranging donations of personal protective clothing, goggles, and masks to help those in need and experiencing shortages.

"Awaiting for the Gospel" - Jiannan Huang

Huang was born and raised in China and has created paintings such as "Awaiting the Gospel" and "Spring Flowers" to express his love for his motherland. As a blessing for the pandemic and Wuhan, Huang said he looks forward to the coming of light as expressed in his painting "Awaiting for the Gospel". He said that bats have been painted since ancient times, and the words "bats" and "fu" are homonyms for blessings. Huang hopes to encourage everyone for the coming of light in the pandemic and to send his blessings to all those in suffering.

"Spring Flowers" - Jiannan Huang

Huang has many years of experience in overseas art exchanges, and was hired as the "Cheers for the Olympics" Overseas Art General Consultant in May 2019 to participate in the art direction of "Cheers for the Olympics" overseas activities. In September of the same year, Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee, visited China, and personally met with Huang, and accepted his oil painting "Olympic Flowers" specially created for the 2022 Winter Olympics. Chairman Bach spoke highly of this painting and thanked him for his contribution to spreading the Olympic spirit.

Jiannan Huang and Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee with his gift painting called "Olympic Flowers"

Jiannan Huang is compassionate about art and advocating peace. He hopes to bring the Olympic spirit to more people through the "Cheering for the Olympics" project, and to use his personal actions to make more contributions to to the Olympics and his motherland.



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