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Artist Rosana Largo Rodriguez is Nominated for a LABA Icon Award

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Artist Rosana Largo Rodriguez

Beverly Hills, California, USA. 22nd August, 2023. Artist Rosana Largo Rodriguez has been nominated for a LABA Icon Award by the LABA Organizing Committee. Rosana Largo Rodriguez is a Spanish artist, who has exhibited her works in galleries throughout the world. She is the Director of the Museum of Science and Children's Literature in Spain, and most recently had her artwork appear on a large 95-ft tower billboard in New York Times Square, "Leonardo Da Vinci's The Dream of Flying," with King David de Pedro Berruguete, representing the municipality of Paredes de Nava (Palencia) in the background.

Rodriguez creates contemporary surrealist paintings inspired by classical techniques. Her artistic inclinations begin with realism and imagination as she incorporates a variety of techniques and materials to create engaging visual elements and chromatic softness. The lauric quality in the texture of her pieces is achieved through the use of olive oil for a silky and almost innocent surface finish. In her works, figures emerge out of a darkened or solid-colored background into the fantastic scene she presents to the viewer. Delicate and provocative, Rodriguez arranges a variety of forms, symbols, and objects which, as they emerge out of a darkened background, together create dialogue. She often features hidden symbolism and hidden critiques of present day life and culture.

Rodríguez’s works are lauded for their great profusion of details that create strong visual narratives; from her delicate handling of color and texture to her sophisticated detail in costume, lighting, and expression. In 2019, she was awarded the Michelangelo International Prize in Rome, one of the most prestigious art awards to be received. In 2022, she received the Top 10 LABA MIMV (Most Influential and Most Valuable) Award.

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