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Art Gallerist Georges Bergès is Nominated for a LABA Icon Award

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Art Gallerist Georges Bergès

Beverly Hills, California, USA. 11th, September 2023. Art Gallerist Georges Bergès is nominated for a LABA Icon Award. Drawing and channeling inspiration from the work of Leo Castelli, Georges Bergès sought to create an art gallery that was artist-focused; and to bring back and highlight the human connection and interpersonal relationship between the artist and the collector, a bond which has been gradually eroding and minimized for decades under the increasingly corporatized art industry.

When sharing his idea early on, Georges met a number of naysayers who would discount his

vision as ‘an outdated model’ for running a gallery, and who even downplayed his chosen and beloved gallery location in SoHo (“Art is dead in SoHo”, they said). But Georges decided to listen and follow his inner voice and he proved that his way of dealing art and of re-introducing the ‘human person’ (the artist and the collector) to the art business, and in a location of historical significance to art and artists was, and is, not only needed but can be infinitely successful.

In 2022, world renowned art critic Donald Kuspit described Georges Bergès as a “tour de

force, psychologically minded, and someone who takes art seriously”. Today Georges Bergès

represents and collaborates with some of the most consequential living artists and prominent

leaders of the art industry around the world. At 47 years old, Georges Bergès has been able to build and give national and international prominence to his brand and art gallery, Georges

Bergès Gallery.

Georges Bergès holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology (Art & Human Personality) from

University of California, Santa Cruz; a Masters of Arts Degree in Diplomacy and International

Affairs and a Masters of Public Administration (Arts) from Seton Hall University. He considers

his daughter Sofía Anaïs Bergès to be his greatest life achievement. He lives in Manhattan with

Cheryl (his mate of 14 years and counting), their daughter Sofía, dog Sebastian, cat Belle, and a number of very colorful, animated, and friendly fish.

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